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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:5

Catching up with the nail polish part of my audit will also be a bit of a hurdle to overcome. These shades were worn during May and one can probably tell from the selection of shades. Quite a few bright shades including brands such as Zoya, China Glaze, Deborah Lippmann, Polish Revolution, Nails Inc., Pahlish and Smitten Polish.

Hell yes!

Nails Inc. – lilac polish for InStyle

This is a lovely lilac shade and it feels like the epitome of Spring. Very crisp but never boring. The formula was lovely and despite being a no-name shade I want to keep using it.

China Glaze – Igniting Love

Igniting Love is a stunning tomato red. A classic shade in a good formula.

Zoya – Charli

Charli is such a lovely shade. A murky cool green that compliments my skin tone nicely.

Zoya – Opal (layered over Charli)

Opal is a green flakie top coat in a completely clear base. Stunning and very useful.

Zoya – Tilda

Tilda is slightly less bright than the picture alludes but a great popping green. Very flattering.


Zoya – Ziv

Ziv is a pale gold with tiny silver flecks mixed with the gold. I have mixed feelings about this. I’m not a 100% enjoying wearing it on its own but somehow I still appreciate the aesthetic function it provides and I might enjoy having it for effect. But if I have other remotely similar shades that I enjoy more I might get rid of this further on.

Pahlish – This Song is Ending

This is a Doctor Who themed polish (!) and the shade itself is beautiful. The reason I am unsure of This Song is Ending is because it has these copper glitters throughout but those are not very evident on the nail because the base colour is so dense. Great potential but not overly exciting on the nail.

Pahlish – Drink the Sea

Pretty colour but I’m a bit unsure of how much wear I will get out of it. Getting this glitter polish off my nails was a bit of a bother (as with all glitter polishes) and if I have another shade similar to Drink the Sea I might let this one go later on.

Polish Revolution – Zombie Gardens

Zombie Gardens is undeniably pretty, but I wear this type of shade so seldom that I should only keep the absolute best ones.

Hell no!

Pahlish – Electrique

Satin finish and barely visible glitter. I’ve enjoyed using Electrique in the past but I’m not loving it anymore. The fact that it is goopy in the formula makes the decision to part with it easier.

Smitten Polish – Audrey’s Rainbow

Pale Tiffany blue I presume, a pretty holo polish that just does not do it for me. Pale and the wrong shade to be interesting on me. The formula is very thick with this one as well. Sad to let Audrey’s Rainbow go, I initially had high hopes for her.

Deborah Lippmann – Pop Life

Pop Life is a shade I am not sad to part with. This was a gift with purchase many many years ago and I’ve kept it mainly because I have nothing like it and thought it might be useful for nail art or whatever. Truth is I do not need it and I do not enjoy wearing it at all.

So a total of five shades are being kept, four are hanging loose and three are definite noes.

Thank you for reading!

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