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    My Makeup Audit: February

    When I finished my eyeshadow palette for February I was particularly pleased with the colour scheme. Muted shades of plum, some purples and a hint of acid green. It made me feel inspired everyday when using it. However, this month was full of sick days, a week away skiing and therefore not many makeup wearing days in total, sadly. But I did manage to use all the shades and succeeded in finding a way of keeping notes on what product/shade was worn on a specific day. This method came to me quite late in the month so we will not be able to reap the benefits until next month. Let’s meet the team…

    All large square pans are by Inglot and the smaller round ones are all Makeup Geek. I also added a small depotted black Urban Decay shadow to compelete the kit. Besides this palette I chose to add three Extra Dimension shadows by MAC to the audit. Two light duochromes for effect and highlight and one steel grey metallic.

    Let’s enjoy some swatches of the eyeshadows and go through what I think of each shade.

    I really love mattes. For me, having a wide variety of mattes can really transform a look and I enjoy murky and dusty shades a lot. Grey is a colour I generally struggle with but Bedrock is a grey that I actually enjoy wearing. It’s more or less clay coloured and if it were any cooler in tone I think I would not like it as much. Unexpected and Bake Sale are great shades and were the most worn ones this month. I use them both mainly as crease shades or for finishing off a darker crease blend, to add a bit of diffusion. Barcelona Beach is a great everyday crease shade for me and Petal Pusher is a fun and unusual muted mid pink. All of these made it through the audit as solid keepers. They perform well and serve a function at the same time as being fun to wear.

    Preppy is a mustard brown and I’m a sucker for this type of shade. Very useful. Sidekick is a quite unique murky hot paprika shade and I do not think I have anything else like it. Vintage and Americano look very similar swatched here (with a finger) but Americano is a lot darker when applied with a brush on the eyes. All four shades perform well and are to be kept.

    On to the shimmers. Limelight is such an epic shade and the first one I wore this month, teamed with Vintage. Havoc is stunning on the eyes, love me a good duochrome, as is Prom Night. I actually anticipated getting rid of Prom Night until I wore it. It was very pretty and not at all boring. Shimmermint is a bit drier texture-wise compared to the others but the shade is very interesting on the eyes and worked so well teamed with dusky plums that I fell for it. All four are keepers.

    Some of the Inglot shades were the ones I decided to get rid of in the end. 08 and 11 are not unique enough to keep and both only serve as an inner corner highlight for me. 402 was a bit meh on the eyes and 423 looked flat applied on the eye, not a very good colour payoff. So these four will be let go. 49 had a drier texture than say the Makeup Geek shadows but applied beautifully on the eyes and that’s what counts. So 49 stays on the the next round.

    The more colourful Inglot shades are all keepers. I did only wear them once each but they looked great on the eye. I was especially fond of 414.

    The final three eyeshadow are from MAC. Evening Grey is super pretty on the eyes and a dream to work with. Opalesse and Ready to Party were worn primarily as inner corner highlights this month but I know they can easily be layered on top of other shades to create dimension and effect. I love all three.

    For cheeks the arsenal consisted of a total of seven blush shades and one highlighter. Four MAC products, one Urban Decay and one Sleek-trio.

    MAC (Barbie Collection) – Pearl Blossom

    Spring Flock is an amazing blush shade. It just brightens my face and I love wearing it. Furnace/Bon Fire/Molten are a bit more difficult to wear due to being very pigmented but I enjoyed wearing them and they are quite unique in my collection when it comes to colour. So they are worth keeping at this point.

    Pearl Blossom is from the Barbie Collection that came out in 2007. I’ve kept it for nostalgic reasons but wearing it now makes me ready to let it go. This shade does nothing on my skin and there is no point in keeping it. Rapture and Mocha are very wearable shades and I enjoy using them. Keepers. Finally we have the hot pink Prom Princess. It’s from the Archies Girls collection from 2013. It’s ok on the cheeks but I know I have similar shades, like Supernova that made it through October’s audit, and I don’t need this specific blush.

    So that was the rundown of this month’s arsenal. I’m not overly impressed with the small number of products I’m letting go of but I highly enjoy the thought process. Every month my reasoning changes and I anticipate that I will get more ruthless as the months go by. Now, lets have a look at the some of the makeup looks I created this month. All looks with white tiles in the background are taken at work.

    So above we have the six items that are leaving my collection after February’s audit. Not many, but it is still progress. I had a lot of fun with this month’s arsenal and I look forward to continuing with this project.

    Thanks for reading!


  • Nail polish

    Nail polish audit – The Twelve:2

    These twelve shades were worn between mid December and early February, a period of time including my birthday, Christmas and New Years Eve. When I picked them I knew what season it was obviously, but I still tried to pick interesting shades and not only easy-to-wear ones. l posted this lot to Instagram in the middle of January and my prediction then was that I would use all twelve in quite a short period of time. That ended up not being true, maybe because one shade was worn three times in a row (and despite that I did not get one single shot of me wearing it) and quite a few days I simply wore nothing at all. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered.

    This round included quite a few indie brands and mainly shimmers and glitters. Let’s see how this lot fared in the audit.

    Hell yes!

    Only five shades made it out of the audit as definite keepers. The five that made it are polishes that intrigue me in some way.

    MAC – Submerged

    Zoya – Katherine

    Pipe Dream Polish – Feed the Monster

    A nice jelly sandwich with Katherine and Feed the Monster

    Colors by Llarowe – Pine Boughs

    Pahlish – The Virgin Queen


    Polish Revolution – Zombie Christmas

    Zombie Christmas on top of Stylenomics

    This grey jelly polish with red/green/white glitter is so unique that I have a hard time letting it go. I wear it from time to time but I’m unsure if that is enough.

    Hell no!

    H&M – Have a Nice Clay

    In theory this polish was a great idea and I understand why I was drawn to and consequently bought it. An interesting muddy jelly shade, my favourite finish. In real life though..it just did not suit my colouring and I disliked wearing it.

    Essie – Stylenomics

    I love this murky dark green shade a lot. But it stains, badly. Staining is common with green shades but in this case it was severe and will keep me from using it.

    LilypadLaquer – Waterworld

    Not the best picture of me wearing it but Waterworld is just not the right shade of blue. There is something garish about it that I do not enjoy.

    Mentality Nail Polish – Cloudy

    Cloudy fell a little flat with me. It’s a matte shade but even with a glossy top coat it felt boring.

    Shimmer Polish – Mary

    Mary worn over Waterworld

    Mary is a glitter polish that is so beautiful, but sadly it has dried out beyond the point where I can save it. So this was its last hurrah.

    Deborah Lippmann – Ray of Light

    And finally we have Ray of Light – a beautiful polish and the one I wore three times without getting a single picture with it on my nails. It takes many layers to build up any opacity with this polish and then it flakes quite easily. It’s such an old shade and I never wear it anymore despite it being so pretty. So it’s out!

    Thanks for reading!


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    My Makeup Audit: January

    I revisited some dear old shadows for January’s arsenal – some of the oldest shades I own and it was a real trip down memory lane.

    MAC was the first brand my heart fell for when makeup started to become a more serious part of my life, in my late teens. I have so many memories hovering at the MAC counter when I was visiting the big city, in a time when online stores were non-existent and my deepest fantasy was to do makeup for a living. Over the years I’ve accumulated oh so many MAC eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, lip and eye pencils and other bits and bobs. This have inevitably lead to me having not only a vast amount of products but also a vast amount of senior products that I fear will have to be let go. Some have most likely succumbed to old age and have become poor performers and surely some might no longer be my jam.

    Above we have the full arsenal – 17 shimmer and 12 matte shades for the eyes, one contour, two highlighters and five blushes. All shadows are MAC and most of the cheek products as well. A blush from Idun Minerals and a loose highlighter from Meow Cosmetics snuck in as well.

    I built one main palette from single pans and as you can see, some are quite well loved. The two shades that are showing the pan are some of my oldest, Trax and Idol Eyes. Another ancient shade is Humid and it might even be from the late 90’s (!). Crème de Violet was given to me by my (now) husband for our fifth anniversary – in 2002! It was a lovely gesture on his part especially since MAC was so difficult for me to get a hold of at the time.

    To balance the eye arsenal I chose to add eight more matte shades for basic shading and depth. As you can see some of these some are old favourites. Like Brun, the dark brown shade, that have been my brows companion for many many years. It’s not amazing as a shading eye shadow, but as a liner and brow shade it is amazing.

    For blush I chose a quite basic and easy to wear team. We have Stereo Rose, a Minerlize Skinfinish shade that I believe was limited edition when I bought it. A highly coveted shade at the time and I was thrilled to own it. But I must admit I have not worn it all that much over the years. On its left we have one of my favourite shades, another limited edition one, the Extra Dimension blush shade Autoerotique. I’ve made a big dent in that over the years and I will miss it when it’s gone. The Perfect Cheek is a lovely dusty pink from the Marilyn Monroe collection (gasp!). Another one that I’ve used a lot but in this case the pan hardly looks used. Then we have a more recent purchase, Sur, that was part of the Monochrome collection that launched in the beginning of 2019. I bought it because I thought it resembled another shade that I had broken to the point of no return but wish I still had. And the final shade is a mini sample I received as a gift with purchase from Idun Minerals, Havtorn.

    Over the course of the month I enjoyed wearing all five blushes and will keep them all for now.

    For highlighter I picked Perfect Topping from MAC and Phantoma from Meow Cosmetics. After wearing it a couple of times I established that Perfect Topping is not a great shade for my colouring so I will let it go. Phantoma on the other hand is an amazing shade and I wore it mostly on the eyes to be honest but it’s pretty on the cheeks as well, albeit a bit too much for every day work stuff. Keeper.

    Now let’s have a look at a few of the looks that I created this month along with my verdict of the eyeshadows used. Most looks are adapted for work, but I must say I highly enjoy working from a pre-set arsenal in the mornings.

    A soft eye using Sable by MAC. This is a lovely shade that looks great with most lipsticks. A keeper.

    I can not for the life of me remember what I wore in the above picture. I must get better at taking notes.

    The shade Give Me Fire is another “recent” purchase. My collector brain bought it when the the MAC collection Red, Red, Red launched in 2014. Red eyeshadow was something I was always on the hunt for at the time. They are more common these days but I still remember how excited I was when this collection was launched. Give Me Fire is not a very special shade but I got swept away by its limited edition status. It’s pretty on the eyes but nothing spectacular. I don’t need it.

    Cranberry on the lid and Outre in the crease. A fun combination I want to wear more. Both shades are going to Round 2.

    Trax was a pleasure to wear but a bit hard to work with. It’s so old and I definitely feel it has played its part in my life. So long dear one…

    The lovely Crème de Violet, the 5th anniversary shade I mentioned, is beautiful in theory but the quality is not there. It was hard to work with and faded and creased quickly. However nostalgic the memories surrounding this one are, I will let it go. In the above look I have added a bit of Rule for effect. Rule is a great orange matte shade and will be kept for now.

    Expensive Pink is a golden pink shade that I have not worn many times in my life. And it is not by any means new. Wearing it now, I enjoy it but in order to stay after Round 2 it will have to be damn special.

    Gorgeous Gold layered over Outre. Gorgeous Gold is simply – gorgeous. A green shifting gold that can be layered over different shades or worn on its own for a stunning effect. This is the type of shade I would wear all the time if I could remember that I have it. Finding these gems is one purpose of this audit and I am glad I have now highlighted its existence.

    I do not have more pictures of looks to give light to the shades worn. Nylon was more useful than expected and Vex had an odd sheen that I enjoyed. Barefoot and Greensmoke are really unique shades and all the mattes did a good job. To sum up this month I’m keeping more shades than I am getting rid of. The shades I will not keep are;

    Idol Eyes


    Seedy Pearl

    Parfait Amour

    Mystical Mist

    Idol Eyes is very beautiful but a bit gritty and interesting to work with. Since it’s so old and well used I will let it go. Humid is such a beautiful shade but it’s ancient and it fades really easily on the lid. I hope I have something similar in my collection because I really enjoyed wearing this specific colour. Seedy Pearl and Parfait Amour looks ok in the finger swatch but lacks punch on the eyes. Not worth keeping. And finally we have Mystical Mist, another ancient shade that actually performed terribly…

    Perfect Topping

    So eight eyeshadows and one highlighter will be let go. Not too bad. For future audits I will try to make better notes on what was worn when and all my feelings. It’s a process…

    Thanks for reading!