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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:2

These twelve shades were worn between mid December and early February, a period of time including my birthday, Christmas and New Years Eve. When I picked them I knew what season it was obviously, but I still tried to pick interesting shades and not only easy-to-wear ones. l posted this lot to Instagram in the middle of January and my prediction then was that I would use all twelve in quite a short period of time. That ended up not being true, maybe because one shade was worn three times in a row (and despite that I did not get one single shot of me wearing it) and quite a few days I simply wore nothing at all. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered.

This round included quite a few indie brands and mainly shimmers and glitters. Let’s see how this lot fared in the audit.

Hell yes!

Only five shades made it out of the audit as definite keepers. The five that made it are polishes that intrigue me in some way.

MAC – Submerged

Zoya – Katherine

Pipe Dream Polish – Feed the Monster

A nice jelly sandwich with Katherine and Feed the Monster

Colors by Llarowe – Pine Boughs

Pahlish – The Virgin Queen


Polish Revolution – Zombie Christmas

Zombie Christmas on top of Stylenomics

This grey jelly polish with red/green/white glitter is so unique that I have a hard time letting it go. I wear it from time to time but I’m unsure if that is enough.

Hell no!

H&M – Have a Nice Clay

In theory this polish was a great idea and I understand why I was drawn to and consequently bought it. An interesting muddy jelly shade, my favourite finish. In real life just did not suit my colouring and I disliked wearing it.

Essie – Stylenomics

I love this murky dark green shade a lot. But it stains, badly. Staining is common with green shades but in this case it was severe and will keep me from using it.

LilypadLaquer – Waterworld

Not the best picture of me wearing it but Waterworld is just not the right shade of blue. There is something garish about it that I do not enjoy.

Mentality Nail Polish – Cloudy

Cloudy fell a little flat with me. It’s a matte shade but even with a glossy top coat it felt boring.

Shimmer Polish – Mary

Mary worn over Waterworld

Mary is a glitter polish that is so beautiful, but sadly it has dried out beyond the point where I can save it. So this was its last hurrah.

Deborah Lippmann – Ray of Light

And finally we have Ray of Light – a beautiful polish and the one I wore three times without getting a single picture with it on my nails. It takes many layers to build up any opacity with this polish and then it flakes quite easily. It’s such an old shade and I never wear it anymore despite it being so pretty. So it’s out!

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