Terra Moons purchase part one – swatches

Since I live in Sweden, buying from indie brands from for example the States can become an expensive venture due to customs/import taxes. So I rarely do it. Terra Moons is one of those brands that had piqued my interest for a while and I had curated a wish list of shadows for over a year. Not that I actually thought I would buy some, but I enjoyed making the list and checking from time to time if my interest had faltered. And it never did. So when my birthday/Christmas came around I did wish for them and my husband obliged. We completed the order together when there was an offer and, since the items were pre-order as well, I had to wait a few months to get them. In this case I did pay for tracked shipping since I wanted some sort of control over my parcel. When my package arrived to Sweden I did have to pay an import fee but they soon arrived safe and sound at my house in the end of February. I have nothing negative to say about my shopping experience or the shipping.

I ended up choosing twelve single pans and one loose shadow. My order consisted of eight iridescent chameleons, one cosmic chameleon, three pressed and one loose duochrome.

Iridescent Chameleons

The iridescent chameleons are sold for 17 USD. Shifting shades like this is one of my favourite type of shadow to wear. I mainly use them as inner corner highlights, and when they have a transparent base I love to layer them on top of other shadows, mattes or metallics, to transform the base shade. The iridescent chameleons were the main pull to purchase from Terra Moons in the first place and I think I have nothing like these in my arsenal already. They might be similar to some shades I own but these are definitely amped up versions and they are very unique.

Top Row L-R: Timeshift, Eon, Light Year, Space Baby

Bottom Row L-R: Zero Gravity, Red Giant, Solar Flare, Astral

Timeshift is quite opaque, not as much as Light Year, but more than the others. It has a light mauve base and it shifts from peachy gold to gold to green/teal. The greener shift is not visible in these pictures sadly. The texture of the shadow is very smooth.

Eon has a transparent base that shifts from a peach to gold to green. The shift is similar to Timeshift’s but since the base and opacity is different they are distinctly different shades.

Light Year is a very special shade and the pictures speak for themselves. It is super smooth and the result is very opaque. It will be interesting to see how I will use this shadow, if it can be layered on top of other shadows without taking over or if it does not play well with others. It looks amazing swatched but in reality it has to look amazing on the eye. That is the place where eye shadows go.

Space Baby goes from green/teal to purple to blue. It is smooth in texture and the base is nearly transparent.

Zero Gravity is a little chunkier with a whiter base that reminds me of X-ray (mentioned further down in this post). It shifts from purple to pink.

Red Giant is super smooth with a blue grey base and a pink to peach/orange shift. A truly unique shadow. I’ve seen others wear this in the inner corner but I’m a bit hesitant on how the base colour will look there on me. If it will look like a shadow in certain lights it will defeat the purpose of using it to highlight that area. We shall see.

Solar Flare has a very slight gray base and it shifts from peach to gold to green. Smooth in texture.

Astral has got a similar vibe as Red Giant and a similar blue grey base, but it is not as prominent. The shift is peach/orange to gold to green. This one is also super smooth in texture.

Cosmic Chameleons

I purchased only one of the Cosmic Chameleons – Radiation. However, this is not my favourite type of green but the shift and (to be honest) the name made me keen to try it anyway. It did stain my arm when swatching but hopefully it will not be an issue on the eye.


L-R: Martian, Interstellar, X-Ray

Martian has a ruddy base and shifts from molten gold to green (the green shift can not be seen in the above picture, you just have to take my word for it).

Interstellar has a dark pink brown base and shifts from blue to pink.

X-Ray has a white, almost transparent (on me), base and a more chunky texture. The shimmer particles are more visible and it shifts from blue to pink. In the picture you can se a green base colour but that is just a stain from a previous swatch.

I also managed to purchase a loose shadow and this one is no longer available on the Terra Moons website so I suppose it is discontinued. The stunning Firefly is definitely a shadow (and name) I am deeply attracted to. Above you can se it swatched without (left) and with primer (right). I almost always wear an eye primer or another creamy base under eye shadows anyway but under a loose shadow it really transforms the shadow to its full potential. So beautiful!

I’ve had these for a couple of months now and I’ve worn some of them a few times in-between my commitment to my monthly arsenal. I will wear these for a while longer, long enough to form a proper opinion, and report back on how I get along with them and if I consider them a good purchase.

Thanks for reading!


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