Past makeup storage revisited

2019 will be the year of change. In February I, alongside my family, will move from the apartment we have called home for more than a decade. We will also move from the city we have lived in since 2004 – Göteborg aka Gothenburg. We are moving to a bigger home, a house, but also closer to our families.

This epic change is very much welcomed and it will mark the start of many positive beginnings.

Makeup wise it means that I have already put most of my makeup items in storage and have a smaller and more curated (for me anyway, it’s still a LOT of fun items) makeup collection on hand. I thought it would be fun to revisit how I stored my makeup before I put it all in boxes.  So here is a peek of my makeup products – as it were…

I stored quite a lot of my larger palettes in a bookshelf

Most were self made palettes filled with single pan shadows

I stored all of my makeup in the living room and always brought what I needed to the bathroom when I did my makeup. A task I’m looking forward to eliminating completely.

A covered part of my book shelf house many of my single shadows but also my everyday “tray”

My most frequently used makeup was housed, and still is but in an edited version, in a plastic tray sort of a container from IKEA. This is lugged to the bathroom everyday together with my brush containers and also whatever eyeshadow palette I wanted to use.

My everyday tray, filled with the basics and smaller items

If you know me you will know that I own a lot (an excessive amount to be fair!) of makeup and I was quite a hoarder at one point.

But since I’ve accumulated so many products over the years I’ve also stopped being attracted to new stuff. Few new things excite me as they use to these days. So at the moment I’m mainly focused on using the gorgeousness that I own.

Your standard Muji drawers – filled with Indie goodies from Meow Cosmetics

More Meow shadows but also singles by Mac not suitable to depot and some Urban Decay, Illamasqua, H&M etc

Books and brushes stored on top of two white Helmer drawers from IKEA

Most of my brushes are stored in these two empty candle containers. I just love how they look.

My two Helmer drawers were stacked on top of each other and the top one was filled with makeup and the bottom one was filled with nail polish.

First drawer

Base drawer focused on heavier foundations, highlighters and darker face powders

In the top drawer I stored extra face products such as cream and powder foundations, setting powders, highlighters and shade/bronze products. My everyday foundations were stored in my tray but in this drawer I had more full coverage foundations, mineral powders and some loose powders that were used more seldom.

I am not really one for bronzers but somehow I have managed to purchase a few anyway. I find that they are a nice product to have to warm up the face when you have managed to do a base that is a bit lighter than intended or when you want a quick eye look. A quick sweep with a bronzer is perfect as a subdued but warmed up eye shade.

Blush Bonanza

The second drawer was filled with powder and cream blushers/contour shades. I love this drawer! Blush makes me so happy.

I have a plethora of shades (after years of happy purchasing every MAC blush in sight) but it’s been a long time since I’ve purchased something new. I think the latest addition were the Nabla pans visible in the picture, and I can happily report that I’ve used them quite a lot. I also own a lot of Sleek trios that are gorgeous. I am very happy with the shades that I own and look forward to using them more.

My edited lipstick collection

My lipstick drawer is not the most exciting. I purged it a few years back and have not bought many lip products since. Lipsticks do not have that much longevity so I want to keep my collection small-ish. (Please note that liquid lip products and crayons are not stored here).

To be honest, I am an eyeshadow person. Lipstick are usually a complement to whatever eye look I’m wearing, not the main feature.

Pigments and smaller palettes

The pigment drawer is quite exciting for me. But I hate to say that I do not use these nearly enough. I have some beautiful MAC, Inglot, Sleek and MUG pigments that are calling my name!

Please do not judge me!

I had a thing for manically collecting Sleek palettes for a while and it is quite the collection I have. I still really enjoy using them but often I forget about them. Classic makeup hoarder problems!

More loved are my Urban Decay palettes and they are used quite regularly.

Last makeup drawer
Palettes galore!

The final item on the agenda today is my palette drawer. As seen I have many palettes stored all over the place but this is the last batch. Inglot, Kat von D, Urban Decay, Nabla as far as I can see.

Conclusion after this little blast from the past (pictures taken in April 2018):

In the future I will not store my makeup in the same way as before, just for the sake of shaking things up. I love organizing and it will be a pleasure to arrange my makeup items in my new home. The goal is to make it easy to see what I have and to take it out for usage. But until then..

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek into my makeup amassment! You will see me use these products in future posts.

Until then!


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