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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:9

These shades were supposed to be worn during December when i was doing #redlipsdecember on Instagram. An easy way to navigating colour combinations on my face (via my monthly arsenal) and body (via you know, clothes) without having to care about them clashing with my nails. I am the owner of a multitude of darker shades so it was nice to focus on them for a bit. However I was really crappy with evaluating and photographing them whilst wearing them so I decided to wear the lot all over again. That fact combined with skipping nail polish a lot in the beginning of the new year resulted in this ninth installation of the Twelve being worn between December 2020 to mid March 2021.

The lineup this time was mainly indie brands; three Pahlish, two Illyrian, and one each from Darling Diva Polish, LilypadLaquer, A England and CrowsToes. Bigger brands were represented by two by OPI and one China Glaze.

Hell Yes!

LilypadLaquer – Rainbows in Space
OPI – Live and Let Die
Pahlish – Le Bijou du Roi
Illyrian – Demogorgon
A England – Incense Burner
OPI – Every Month is Oktoberfest
Darling Diva – Dark Ritual
Illyrian – Dream Hopper
CrowsToes – The Terminal Engagement
Pahlish – My Bespoke Psychopath
Pahlish – La Belle Endormie

Hell no!

China Glaze – Free Bear Hugs

Free Bear Hugs by China Glaze is a brown dark red that I’ve used the crap out of. It’s too goopy to be saved (I tried) and has to go for that reason. I love this colour and have used it a lot both on my fingers and toes.

From an audit point of view this was quite an interesting round. I let go of one polish and that was a well loved one that had started drying out. All of the others are keepers. I know I love wearing darker shades but I never wear them back to back like this. I usually mix in brighter shades of varying lightness/darkness and some neutrals. A testament that I should really not buy any more “darker” shades, since I know I have many many more.

Thanks for reading!

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