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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:6

Twelve new shades were worn and audited during June. Brands included OPI, Zoya, Barry M, Kiko, Indigo Bananas, Formula X, Pahlish, China Glaze, Bourjois and H&M.

Hell yes!

Barry M – Bright Purple

This is such a stunning purple shade. Really bright and fun. The formula is great too.

Indigo Bananas – Countdown To Extinction

I adore Indigo Bananas as a brand and the Summer Rains collection from 2014 was such a stunning jelly flakie lineup. This is one of the shades, Countdown To Extinction, and it is beautiful. Complex shimmering layers and a luscious green shade.

OPI – Care To Danse?

This pale lilac jelly shade is a great shade on me when I prefer a more light look.

Kiko – 296

Not the green I initially wanted (391 Grass Green was the sought after shade I think) but since that was sold out/discontinued at the time of purchase, the friend who got the Kiko items for me picked this instead. 296 is a beautiful shade as well, albeit not the same, but I do enjoy wearing it.

OPI – Mermaid’s Tears and Zoya – Dove

Mermaid’s Tears is a stunning muted turquoise and a very flattering shade on me. Dove is a little less original cool sand but it is a very useful shade and the Zoya formula is great.

Zoya – Opal (on top of Mermaid’s Tears and Dove)

Opal is a peach to orange shimmering flakie in a transparent base. Love this!


H&M – Intergalactic

Intergalactic is a stunning shade but it did require quite a few layers to look good. This really needs to be compared to any similar options before it can stay permanently.

Hell no!

Bourjois – Pamplerousse

I want to love this shade on me but it is not the effect that I want. It’s a bit too delicate a look.

China Glaze – Hanging in the Balance

I love this colour. I do wish I could keep it. But there has been some leaking from the bottle that has let too much air in and it is not possible to save it.

Pahlish – Lullaby Without End

Another Doctor Who polish by Pahlish. This intriguing blue and red concoction has sadly become goopy beyond salvage.

To round this post up we have a golden glitter polish by Formula X that I did not get to wear at all, so no pictures. It was completely dried up so into the bin it went.

A total of four shades are leaving my collection, one is a maybe and we have seven keepers. Not the best round in terms of letting things go but I enjoyed wearing all the pretty ones.

Thanks for reading!

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