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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:23

These twelve polishes were worn from the beginning of November until late February. Two each by China Glaze, Pahlish, Zoya, A England, OPI and one each by Isadora and Delush Polish.

Hell yes!

OPI – I Saw…You Saw…We Saw…Warsaw
Zoya – Envy
Pahlish – An Caisteal Ruadh
Zoya – Edyta
A England – Saint George
A England – Holy Grail
OPI – My Signature Is “DC”


Pahlish – Reinette

I’m just unsure on how much wear I will get out of this dark brown polish. A pretty shade but not the best shade on me.

Hell no!

Isadora – Chameleon Crush
Delush Polish – ‘Tis The Season (over a dark base)

I do not wear glitter polish enough to keep this one. I do not gravitate towards the pink and green colour scheme either.

China Glaze – Sleeping Under The Star

Not a shade of purple that excites me. Will probably never actively choose to wear it.

China Glaze – Bat My Eyes

I really enjoyed wearing Bat My Eyes but I just know I will never reach for it. And it smelled awful, I must have thinned it out at some point and now it reeks.

So to conclude this round of The Twelve I ended up with seven keepers, one maybe, and four hell noes.

Thank you for reading!

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