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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:22

These twelve polishes were worn from the end of August until the beginning of November. Two each by OPI, Indigo Bananas, Zoya, China Glaze and one each by Powder Perfect, Phalish, Shimmer and Mentality, Polish Revolution, YSL, A England, ILNP, H&M Beauty and Nail Pattern Boldness.

Hell yes!

Zoya – Skylar
Powder Perfect – The Crossroads
Indigo Bananas – Reign
OPI – Thanks a Windmillion
Phalish – The Oldest Question
OPI – Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around


Indigo Bananas – Molten Universe

I love this polish in theory. A stunning jelly shade with flakes and an epic name. But sadly I did not love the shade on me when I wore it this time. It did not feel like me. BUT – I have a hard time letting this one go due to nostalgia. I remember loving this flakie collection by Indigo Bananas and the polish is in great condition still.

Zoya – Rocha

The same goes for this bright shade from Zoya. It just did not feel like me when I wore it. But I love Zoya and the polish performs very well. So into the Maybe pile it goes.

Hell no!

China Glaze – Creative Fantasy

This one is so patchy and the shade dries semi matte. Almost like rubber. I have no need for this one.

Shimmer – Nicole

I actually like wearing this glitter polish but I do not see myself reaching for this in the future. Glitter polish is really hard to remove, especially these ones that are worn as full cover glitter. So I do not feel like it is worth the hassle in this case. Besides that the polish was getting very goopy so that made the decision easier.

Mentality – Wangari

This is simply not a shade I enjoy anymore. It looks very bland and nothing on me. So it is an easy bye bye.

China Glaze – Running In Circles

Another one that does not feel like me. I love a green polish but this shade simply did nothing for me.

So to conclude this round of The Twelve I ended up with six keepers, two maybes, and four hell noes.

Thank you for reading!

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