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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:20

When spring arrived it had some effect on my choices of candidates for my ongoing nail polish audit project. These twelve polishes were worn from early March until the end of May. Two by OPI and one each by Chanel, Crows Toes, Formula X, Illamasqua, Barry M, Depend, Mentality, MAC, Pahlish and Zoya.

Hell yes!

MAC – Breezy Blue
Illamasqua – Milf
Pahlish – Forest of the Dead
Chanel – Rouge Radical (530)
OPI – Don’t Touch My Tutu
Barry M – Spring Green


Formula X – Catalyst

Hell no!

Depend – 352

Pretty shade but there is not much left in the tiny bottle. It has served its purpose.

OPI – Houston We Have a Purple

This is simply not a shade for me. I bought it because it was a jelly polish and those were not easy to come by at that point. But I do not like it on me and therefore will never use it.

Zoya – Dhara

This orange is not a great shade for me and the PixieDust finish feels dated and has done so for years.

Mentality – Jody

I have other similar shades that suit me better and that I have more feelings for.

Crows Toes – Sweet as Sugar, Cold as Ice…

Beautiful but the formula is getting very thick. I do not use glitter toppers often enough to warrant keeping this, however beautiful it is.

So to conclude this round of The Twelve I ended up with six keepers, one maybe, and five hell noes.

Thank you for reading!

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