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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:19

Twelve more shades have been evaluated in my ongoing nail polish audit project. These twelve polishes were worn from the start of January until early March. Two by A England, Crows Toes and China Glaze respectively and one each by IsaDora, Nail Pattern Boldness, OPI, F.U.N Laquer, Pahlish and Zoya.

Hell yes!

China Glaze – Prey Tell
Crows Toes – Me & This Army
F.U.N Laquer- Lavender (H)
Pahlish – Valley of Ashes
Nail Pattern Boldness – Hello, Sweetie
A England – Dragon
A England – Jane Morris
Zoya – Sansa


No maybes this time around.

Hell no!

China Glaze- Smoke and Ashes

It’s not really anything wrong with the shade but I find it a bit pointless to keep. I prefer wearing other black shades compared to this one so I might as well let it go.

OPI – Get Cherried Away (mini)

Nothing wrong with the shade on me in theory, it’s just not to my taste.

Crows Toes – Niflheim

Niflheim is a stunning polish but it has sadly dried up too much and I cannot save it. I managed to paint my nails on one hand for these pictures but that is about it.

IsaDora – Forest

An ok polish but I have no feelings for it whatsoever so it can go.

So to conclude this round of The Twelve I ended up with eight keepers and four hell noes.

Thank you for reading!

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