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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:18

These are the latest twelve shades to be evaluated in my ongoing nail polish audit project. These twelve polishes were worn from the middle of October until the end of 2022. Three by Zoya and OPI respectively and one each from A England, Darling Diva Polish, Powder Perfect, China Glaze, Indigo Bananas and Enchanted Polish.

Hell yes!

OPI – German-icure by OPI
Powder Perfect -Ensorcel
Indigo Bananas – Anansi
Zoya – Kelly
Zoya – Evvie
Zoya – Natty
Enchanted Polish – Groovy Ghoul
China Glaze – Mind the Gap


Darling Diva Polish – Cast a Spell

Cast a Spell is pretty but I’m just unsure of how much I would wear it moving forward. There is somehing that is attractive about it but when i get it on my nails it just feels so so.

OPI – Call Me Gwen-ever

Another pretty shade but I’m torn. It’s an interesting muted shade but it is not my favourite to wear. So into the abyss of “Maybe” it goes for now.

A England – The Blessed Damozel

I’m not sure about this one. A metellic dark purple just does not float my boat anymore, but I’m hesitant to get rid of A England shades in general. My younger self would have loved this one (the late 90’s version of Sofia). It can stay in the Maybe pile until further notice.

Hell no!

OPI – A Womans Prague-ative

I just do not like the way this his gilded orange polish look on me.

So to conclude this round I ended up with eight keepers, three maybes and one single hell no.

Thanks for reading!

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