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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:15

I’m deep into my summer vacation and I finally have some breathing room and energy to catch up on some more posts. Today I’m going to present to you the fifteenth post in my nail polish audit project. I’m choosing twelve shades at the time to wear and evaluate. No time limit. Shades are either a clear keeper (Hell yes!), need-to-think-more-about-it-when-I’m-done-with-the-audit (Maybe) or obvious discards for various reasons (Hell no!). When those twelve have been worn and judged I pick twelve new. Easy concept.

These twelve polishes were worn from mid March until late April. Two from OPI, Zoya, Indigo Bananas and one each from Barry M, IsaDora, H&M Beauty, Glam Polish, China Glaze and Pahlish.

Hell yes!

Kristen – Zoya
Hole In The Sky – Indigo Bananas
Bad Wolf – Pahlish
Stranger Tides – OPI
Mango – Barry M
Klein Trink Wasser – Indigo Bananas
My Pointe Exactly – OPI
Luxe and Lush – China Glaze (on top of My Pointe Exactly)


Granité D’Orange – H&M Beauty

Hell no!

Vespa – Zoya
Mad Magician – Glam Polish
Loden Green – IsaDora

In this round I ended up with eight keepers, one maybe and three hell noes.

Thanks for reading!

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