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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:14

These were worn from early November to mid March. Two Zoya shades and one each by Butter London, OPI, IsaDora, Formula X, China Glaze, Pipe Dream Polish, Darling Diva Polish, Mentality, Illyrian and Gina Tricot. I think I wore many of the shades twice over this time period since I forgot to take pictures of them over and over again. That is why it took me almost five months to go through them.

Hell yes!

You’re Such A Budapest – OPI
Blue Moon – Illyrian
Combat Khaki – IsaDora
Yuna – Zoya
Ringer – Darling Diva Polish (over a black polish)
Zinfandel – Gina Tricot
Empyrean – Pipe Dream Polish (over Galactic Grey by China Glaze)


Wallis – Butter London

I have loved this polish and I still do but the formula has become very thick due to age and use and I probably should let this one go, but I’m sentimental and the easy way is to stick it in the Maybe pile for now. I’ve worn this one so much and there is not all that much left in the bottle.

Hell no!

Legend – Formula X

Legend is pretty enough but it took quite a few layers to make it look nice and I know I will never reach for this one over other shades.

Remy – Zoya

Remy is just not my type of blue. The colour and the shimmer just does not do it for me. Hopefully it can find a new home since it is in good shape and Zoya polishes are a great formula.

Galactic Grey – China Glaze

Galactic Grey has dried out but I have enjoyed wearing it a lot over the years.

Diverse – Mentality

There is something about this green that I’m not attracted to. I know I will not reach for it any longer.

Those were all twelve! I ended up with seven keepers, one maybe and four hell noes. I sincerely hope it does not take me five months to go through the next lot.

Thanks for reading!

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