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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:13

These were worn from mid September to the beginning of November. Three Zoya shades, two OPI, two IsaDora and one each by MAC, Powder Perfect, Smitten Polish, Lilypad Laquer and Nails Inc.

Hell yes!

Sia – Zoya
Vintage Chic – Lilypad Laquer
My Boyfriend Scales Walls – OPI
I’m Sooo Swamped! – OPI
Gemma – Zoya
Blaze – Zoya


Fire Burn – Smitten Polish

Fire Burn stained my nails so badly that I will only keep it if it es extremely unique in my collection. If I have anything else like it I will let this one go, despite it being so stunning.

Hell no!

Bad Fairy – MAC

This polish is just straight up ugly on me. A poor purchase with a great name.

Oasis – IsaDora

Oasis is not unique enough to keep and I already had lukewarm feelings about this one.

Beetle Green – IsaDora

The same goes for Beetle Green. Not special enough to keep.

Diamond Arcade – Nails Inc. (over Sia)

This glitter polish did absolutely nothing for me. I have no use for it and considering how seldom I’ve worn this (maybe once) I can deem it a poor purchase.

Meet Me in the Glade – Powder Perfect

This rosy brown polish is lovely in theory but on my nails it is not really working. Sadly.

That was the final polish in this instalment of The Twelve! I ended up with six keepers, one maybe and five hell noes. I’m very pleased that I am letting a total of five go. A very satisfying run and I cannot wait to go through everything and only keep the really good ones.

Thanks for reading!

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