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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:12

These were worn with start in the beginning of June and all the way through mid September. This lineup consisted of four Zoya shades and three by Darling Diva Polish. Other brands represented are CrowsToes, W.I.P, Deborah Lippmann, MAC and China Glaze.

Hell yes!

Maya – Zoya
For Audrey – China Glaze
Landslide – Darling Diva Polish
Cuda – Darling Diva Polish
Eastyn – Zoya
Josie – Zoya
Midgard – CrowsToes
Yellow Brick Road – Deborah Lippmann

Yelllow Brick Road is used here layered over a shimmer polish and that is the way I prefer to use it since it is a very sheer jelly polish.

Janel – Zoya


Quiet Time – MAC

When I bought it the colour was quite unique but I think I have similar shades nowadays that I think suit me even better.

Stand Back – Darling Diva Polish

It’s a beautiful purple but I’m unsure of how often I would chose to wear a shade like this. It’s a tad to “soft”.

Hell no!

Wings – W.I.P at Urban Outfitters

I initially planned to keep this polish because this is a pretty shimmer. But after wearing it for a couple of days I realized that this is a type of shade that I don’t feel very me in. It is a very opaque shimmer so I do not think it is perfect for layering the way I usually like to use my shimmers, layered with jelly shades. So I’m letting it go. It is in good condition and I’ve already found it a new home.

That was the final polish in this instalment of The Twelve! I ended up with nine keepers, two maybes and one hell no.

Thanks for reading!

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