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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:11

These twelve shades were worn between mid April all the way through May. A bit more light and bright shades to accompany the move towards sunnier weather. The lineup this time was an even mix of smaller and bigger brands; A England, Smitten Polish, Mentality, Barry M, Revlon, H&M, Ciaté, Essie and Butter London. The verdict is as follows..

Hell yes!

Crown of Thistles – A England
Blue Grape – Barry M (Gelly Hi-Shine)
Captive Goddess – A England
Nuclear Sunshine – Smitten Polish
Key Lime – Barry M (Gelly Hi-Shine)
Masala Chai – H&M
Bikini So Teeny – Essie


Gold Chroma Chameleon – Revlon

Gold Chroma Chameleon by Revlon is nice but how many similar items do I have? Takes quite a few layers to get good coverage as well.

Snow Globe – Ciaté

Snow Globe (here pictured over Masala Chai) is pretty but I think it only looks good on darker polish. The shape of the glitter particles is unique but I need to think about how many glitters topper I own in relation to how infrequently I wear them. Which ones am I most likely to use?

Hell no!

Tanzanite Chroma Chameleon – Revlon

Tanzanite is just not my shade. If the murky shift that was prevalent in the bottle had been stronger on the nail it could have worked, but that is sadly not the case.

Rigoberta – Mentality

Rigoberta is just not my speed. At tad too light I think and something about the shade itself does not speak to me.

Frilly Knickers – Butter London

Frilly Knickers has sadly dried up on me. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this polish over the years and I’m a bit bummed to see it go.

That was the final polish in this instalment of The Twelve! I ended up with seven keepers, two maybes and three noes.

Thanks for reading!

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