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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:10

After wearing darker shades for several months I wanted to take a different route. I was also eager to crack on with the audit and get rid of some older and unloved shades. First I considered to do a whole batch of only blue or green polish but then opted for the usual “two shads per drawer” from my somewhat colour coordinated nail polish drawers. These shades were worn between mid March to the beginning of April.

Hell yes!

Miley – Zoya
Eleganza – Polish Revolution
Mottle – Illamasqua
Sani – Cirque Colors
Arizona – Zoya
Did It On ‘Em – OPI
Don’t Talk Bach To Me – OPI
Rouge Escarpin – Bourjois


I’m Not Lion – China Glaze

This glitter polish is a mix of silver and gold and I think it is very pretty. I want to se how many similar polishes I end up with before I decide to keep this one.

Hell No!

Chopped Lavender – Kicks.

Chopped Lavender is a Sugar Laquer aka a matte textured polish. I simply don’t enjoy this anymore.

372 – Depend

A pale grey blue with bright blue shimmer. I love this and it’s mainly used up. It’s goopy now due to repeated use and its time has come.

Heavenly (on top of Don’t Talk Bach to Me) – Revlon

I rarely wear glitter toppers nowadays and this is one I never reach for. I have some other toppers I know I will always favour over this one. It smells really strongly as well so I’m glad to see it go. That was the last one of the twelve!

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