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Nail polish audit – The Twelve:1

The first twelve from my nail polish audit have now been used and are ready for evaluation. Meet the team…

Hell yes!

First we have the ones that made it through the audit as winners. I loved wearing these colours for various reasons and they definitely deserve to be in this category.

Zoya – Aggie

Pahlish – Raggedy Man, Good Night

A England – Fotheringhay Castle

Zoya – Caitlin

Zoya – Shawn

Smitten Polish – Tornado Skies


Now on to the ones I’m unsure of. I was a bit on the fence about the shade Aquamarine from Nail Pattern Boldness that I quite enjoyed wearing but I feel it has to stay in the maybe category until farther into the audit.

Nail Pattern Boldness – Aquamarine

Il était un vernis – #imanatural

Hell no!

An now on to the juicy category – the rejects. This is the part of the nail polish audit that I’m the most excited about. The more polishes that end up in this category, the more brain space is left for the ones I truly enjoy.

IsaDora – Orient Express

A bright metallic red is so not my jam. Pretty in theory but I do not feel like myself wearing this.

L’oréal – Indigo Classique

Lovely shade but I detest the finish. I tried using a top coat to take away the (intended) grit but to no avail.

IsaDora – Mother of Pearl

I sort of loved the ethereal glow this shade gave in a certain light, but unfortunately when not in said light it looked less attractive.

China Glaze – Rendez Vous With You

I was dead set on disliking this shade but was surprised that I enjoyed wearing as much as I did. But I think that was down to me combining it with tops in shades that really flattered this particular shade of purple. So I probably enjoyed the colour combination more than the polish shade itself. I will never actively choose to wear this shade again and it will have to go.

Phew – twelve down! It took me a while to get through them but here we are. Six keepers, two maybes and four discarded.

Thanks for reading!


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