My Makeup Audit: October 2021

It gets darker and darker outside and the combination with less sunlight and a busy work schedule equals few makeup looks captured with a camera. When I went through my pictures I found oh so very few pictures of my face with makeup. But I have managed to wear nearly every piece of makeup in this months arsenal and the result of the audit is quite pleasing.

In October I had 26 shadows to choose from, 18 of them in a loose format. The loose shadows were all by Meow Cosmetics and in the palette I had shadows by Neve Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, Nabla, MAC and KvD. And as I am down to auditing only shimmer/metallic shadow I am still supplementing the monthly arsenal with mattes, and this month I did exactly the same as I did in September by using three palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills as complements in the matte and inner corner highlight area. Those are the Modern Renaissance, Subculture and Prism palettes and swatches of those will be shown further down in the post for reference.

Top Row L-R: Fiori d’Ombra, Snowberry, Taupe Notch

Middle Row L-R: Divine Decadence, On the Road, Retro

Bottom Row L-R: Swoon, Showtime

In a Lethal palette I assembled a smaller assortment of pressed singles by Neve Cosmetics (Fiori d’Ombra, Retro), Nabla (Snowberry, On the Road), MAC (Devine Decadence), Makeup Geek (Taupe Notch, Showtime) and KvD (Swoon). These vary in age from between 2014 and 1017 I assume. They are a mix of ‘sold as singles’ and ones depotted from palettes.

Clockwise from the top: Fate – Misfortune – 13 – Bad Luck – Supernatural – Broken Mirror – Cursed – Unlucky – Paranormal – Accident

Then we have a large line-up from the Friday the 13th collection by Meow Cosmetics, pictured above, purchased around 2013.

Clockwise from the top left: Mind Control – Abduction – Implant– Little Green Men – Tissue Sample – Probe – Abductee – Gray Matter

And last but not least we have eight shadows from the Alien Abduction collection by Meow Cosmetics, also purchased around 2013. I love this collection!

Complements: mattes and highlights from Modern Renaissance – Subculture – Prism

That was the entire monthly arsenal. Let’s move on to swatches and my opinions on these products after using them for a month.

The Neve shadows, Fiori d’Ombra and Retro, are starting to smell bad and must go. Retro was the only one that was remotely interesting anyway but I have other similar green shadows. Divine Decadence (MAC) and Showtime (MUG) performed badly and are no-goes as well. Swoon (KvD) was the one shadow I did not get a chance to wear but I love that one so I feel ok to keep it anyway. Snowberry and On the Road (both by Nabla) are very pretty shades and I will keep them for now. Taupe Notch (MUG) is very dusty in the pan but still works ok on the eye. But I’ve decided to let it go anyway, since I’m sure I have similar shades that are in better shape. So five out of eight shadows are out.

Friday the 13th collection by Meow Cosmetics

Moving on to the Meow shades. For the Friday the 13th collection I did both dry swatches (left) and on top of primer (right). The standouts from this bunch are Broken Mirror, Fate, Paranormal and Supernatural. Definite keepers. I also loved Bad Luck and Unlucky enough so they can also stay. Misfortune is ok but it’s not my favourite pale blue on me. I have others I prefer and it is a colour I wear seldom anyway. 13 and Cursed was nothing special on the eye and Accident has this dark base colour that makes it hard to work with. So those three can go.

Alien Abduction collection by Meow Cosmetics

And on to the stunning Alien Abduction collection by Meow, oh this is so pleasing to my eye. The stand-outs are Mind Control, Implant and Little Green Men. But I also adore Gray Matter and Abduction. Tissue Sample and Probe are less special on the eye but I am so fond of these that I do not want to let them go. The one dud that I will get rid of is Abductee. It is a quite plain dark purple and I would had preferred it if it was a pressed shadow. So I know I will not be reaching for this.

That was my evaluation of this month’s lineup. Let’s finish off with the few looks I actually managed to capture.

October 15

Eyes: Snowberry – Vermeer – Agapé (liner, Chanel)

Cheeks: The Perfect Cheek (blush, MAC) – Gotham (contour, Nabla) – Perfect Topping (highlight, MAC)

Lips: Velvet Fiery (Revlon) and Beet lip liner (MAC)

October 19

Eyes: Retro – Lucid – Parallel – 28 – Gaze (Illamasqua)

Cheeks: Buff (blush, MAC) – Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua)

Lips: Velvet Fawn (Lisa Eldridge) – Pink Opal (Linda Hallberg) and Muse lip liner (Lisa Eldridge)

October 24

Eyes: Paranormal – Mercury – Lucid – The New Noir (cream shadow, H&M)

Cheeks: Sur (blush, MAC) – Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua) – Perfect Topping (highlight, MAC)

Lips: Velvet Cinnabar and Cinnabar liner (Lisa Eldridge)

October 29

Eyes: 13 – Lucid – Caffeine (primer, Urban Decay)

Cheeks: Breath of Plum (blush, MAC) – OMG (highlight, Illamasqua)

Lips: Cream lip stain in “17” (Sephora) and Brick lip liner (MAC)

All in all I let go of ten shadows after this months audit, five loose and five pressed. A nice number I think. I’m keeping my complementary shadows from ABH for November as well, it is a convenient approach.

Besides the eye shadow audit I managed to wear 21 blushes, 4 contour shades, 4 highlighters, 20 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses and 5 liners. The downsizing of my cheek products continues and I keep putting items aside. And I’m prepping for a little audit of my lip products again. Some items are so old that I am uncomfortable keeping them much longer even though they still smell, look and perform fine.

Thank you for reading!

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