My Makeup Audit: November

This month has flown by at high speed. I’ve been pressed for both time and energy. Most makeup looks have been conjured up early in the morning before work so they have been quite simple and not very colourful. Almost all makeup looks were snapped in an office bathroom including me sticking my shin up to get some light under my hooded lids to show off the shade that adorn them. As always, this will have to do.

To summarize this month I must say it has been fun despite my lack of energy. The fact that I have only had a select number of products to choose from breaks the old habits I forces me to create looks I would not have done otherwise. The whole audit process is rewarding and I think I have already become slightly better at letting things go.

This months arsenal consisted of quite a lot of eyeshadows (again). I picked out a selection of single shadows and only two pre-made palettes. Mainstream brands (MAC, Bare Minerals, ABH) mixed with indie brands (Meow Cosmetics, Phee’s). Let’s go through everything and see what I liked.

A mixed palette of goodies

I had a palette full of random singles that I felt were perfect to audit because I rarely use them. I also popped two Sephora shadows in there to complete the range of choice, teaming up with eight Phee’s Makeup Shop mineral shadows, two matte shadows by Neve Cosmetics and three Inglot shimmer shadows.

Phee’s Makeup Shop – I did not manage to use all of them, only four or five. I have Polilla (blue-brown duochrome), Moreish (molted gold), Pyrite (dirty bronze), Coda (ruddy pink), Peppered (silvery beige), Sphinx (ruddy brown), Tell It To The Frogs (bright green) and Dead Weight (dark purple with pink shimmer) to my disposal.


I enjoyed using them and I especially liked Sphinx. But however stunning they were sadly they will have to go. They have started to smell weird and a very strong metallic smell comes from the pans. They will be thrown away.


Inglot – The three square pans in the palette are from Inglot (30, 31 and 45) and are actually duplicates, i.e I have another set of these specific shades. I bought a ton of Inglot shadows in New York years ago, before they were readily available to purchase in Sweden, and somehow I managed to buy duplicates. These are useful shades but since I have extra and they are old I will throw these away as well. They smell a bit off too but honestly they have had that smell all along so….

Neve Cosmetics – One grey satin matte (Smoking) and one hot orange (Lava). To be clear, I never wear these. This month I wore Smoking once and disliked the colour, it’s too cool toned for my liking and I will let it go. Lava however, even though I did not use it, will go on to Round 2. This specific bright orange shade is very useful and I’m sure I will use it more if I place it with other singles.

Sephora – I bought a few of these shadows in 2018 when they were newly released. This month I used Unicorn Dust and Twinkle Twinkle. They come in single compacts but are made to be easily popped out of that compact and into a separate palette if one would want. I wore each once and they will go on to Round 2. Unicorn Dust is a pretty muted purple with blue shimmer. It’s a bit sheer but I would like to give it a few more wears before I decide. Twinkle Twinkle is a high shimmer beige with an almost glimmering finish. It’s quite unique for me and I would like to use it more.

MAC– I pulled some oldies and goodies from MAC – a few of my Extra Dimension Eyeshadows. I love this formula and have some of the original larger pans. Zestful and Triple Impact are lovely duochromes and Silver Sun is a stunning greenish gunmetal. I loved wearing them and will not let them go anytime soon. Soft Teddy is a matte from the Monochrome Collection that was released in early 2019. It’s a soft rosy brown and I enjoy it a lot both as a crease colour and all over the lid. Until Dawn is pretty but a tad to glittery for me. It’s also not unique enough to hang on to.

Silver Sun

Illamasqua – I especially enjoy the shade Wicked. It’s a pastel pink matte shade that gives an extra something something when used on the eye. Justify is an more common neutral brown and it will have some competition in Round 2.

Wicked as a soft candy crease

Meow Cosmetics – I love this indie brand and I own a ton of their shadows. They are all in a loose format and this month I picked two purples, Hangover and Rising, and Joy – a duochrome peach. Joy and Rising are lovely and unique but Hangover will be let go of. I wore it, see the below picture, and thought it to be just ok. In order for me to reach for a loose shadow it will have to be something extra, not just fine.


& Other Stories – I wore this dirty old gold, Percaline Khaki, and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It’s a bit drier and more muted than I expected but the look was interesting on the eye.

Percaline Khaki

Bare Minerals – The last single shadows in the monthly arsenal were loose metallics that had previously been given very little love and were perfect candidates for the audit. Both Pewter and Iridiscent Iris were worn only once during November but I enjoyed wearing them. Iridiscent Iris is the most unique of the two but Pewter has a lovely sheen. Both will go on to Round 2.

Prism palette

Next up are two pre-made palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Prism and Subculture. These provided some basic mattes, some fun mattes and metallic goodness of course. Prism was used most, especially the shades Parallel, Lure, Obsidian and Unity. I whipped out Throne one evening as well, se below.

Subculture palette

Subculture did not get as much love as Prism but Rowdy was used as eyeliner a lot and Mercury and fudge acted as deepening shades. However I know that I like this palette without using every single shade. The colour scheme inspire me and the shades are unique enough to go straight to Round 2.

For cheek colour had picked a wide variety of well used older products combined with unused items. I managed to use most shades and form an opinion. Some i will keep and some I am ready to let go of.

Fantasy Flower, Pink Tea, Sugar (trio) and Pink Spirit (trio)
Porcelain Pink and Taupe

Sleek Makeup – I used two blush trios, Sugar and Pink Spirit. Sugar was given the most love and I enjoyed all three shades. Pink Spirit was only used once due to it’s intense colour scheme but that was a lesson in itself. It made me have a look of what other similar shades I own. I found I have several similar intense berry pink blushes from MAC and I know I will most likely choose one of those over the Sleek trio. So Pink Spirit will be let go now and Sugar will go on to round 2.

MAC – Two blushes, one highlight and one contour shade. I wore all of them quite a lot and formed some interesting opinions. Let’s start with the highlighter, Porcelain Pink. It was the only highlighter this month but I quickly realized that I did not enjoy the effect it gave on the cheekbone. It just did not look to my taste. A bit too glittery and too much. It will leave my collection. An oldie and a goodie is Flower Fantasy, a stunning muted ruddy pink face powder from the 2012 Vera collection. It’s a great everyday shade and it looks good with most looks. A keeper. Pink Tea however, a pink shade that looks more brown on the cheeks, did not wow me. It should be one of those safe everyday shades but it’s simply not a great colour on me. I will let it go. The last item is Taupe, a shade bought as a contour shade and chosen as a contour for this months arsenal. However, I ended up using it primarily as a blush. A very neural and muted blush. I’m a bit surprised that it worked in that way but glad that discovered its potential. Round 2 material.

All in all 17 items will leave my collection, 19 individual shades. A good round I think. I have some more looks to round up this months audit but unfortunately I have no details on the shades used.

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