Lethal Cosmetics – eye shadow swatches

Recently I watched a first impressions video by Heather Moorhouse, aka Makeup Mouse, on YouTube and she introduced me to Lethal Cosmetics, a German brand that I had NEVER heard about before. She was very impressed with the quality of the shades including the mattes and that intrigued me. I felt they had some unique shades and the price point was appealing. So I did as one does in these type of situations – try to find every swatch on the planet and decide on what to get, if anything at all.

The shadows are sold in pans at 6€ each and if you get a bundle where you customize a 12 palette you get 30% off. I ended up getting two customized palettes in one go, 24 shadows in total, and they arrived in the brand’s white Synergy palettes. I would have preferred the black Hive palette, but it was out of stock at the time (insert sad face).

The palettes are quite small, sturdy and they have a lovely large mirror. The only negative is that they are white. You can see in the first pic how dirty mine got within a few weeks. Not a deal breaker for me but worth noting.

I picked shades that interested me at random and did not try to assemble cohesive palettes. The result is a mixed bag of mainly mattes and a few shimmers. I divided them into a “warmer” and a “cooler” palette and both palettes turned out colourful and fun.

The “warmer” palette

Row 1 (L-R): Relapse, Remission, Spawn, Fahrenheit
Row 2: Defiance, Void, Cycle, Recluse
Row 3: Frantic, Habitat, Echo, Cascade

The “cooler” palette

Row 1 (L-R): Vertex, Helios, Equinox, Release
Row 2: Calcination, Enigma, Unearthed, Spirit
Row 3: Euphoria, Imago, Symbiosis, Delirium

The shades I was most exited for were Enigma, Imago, Release, Helios, Recluse, Habitat, Remission and Echo. The most worn shades so far have been Cycle and Delirium but I have been doing mainly quick looks for work.

Now on to the swatches…

The metallic shades
Mattes from my “cooler” palette
Part 1 – mattes from the “warmer” palette
Part 2 – mattes from the “warmer” palette
Comparison of the red/pink shades
Comparison of the yellow/green shades

I have worn most shadows in some capacity and all have been wonderful to work with. The mattes are easy to blend with a great colour payoff and the shades are so much fun. I have only scratched the surface on what I can do with these shades and I look forward to doing more looks with them.

Here are some recent looks using mainly Lethal Cosmetics on the eyes.

Delirium, Symbiosis and Helios
Remission, Fahrenheit, Cascade, Frantic, Echo, Cycle and Helios
Delirium, Equinox, Vertex

My thoughts on the shadows so far are that they are of amazing quality and many of the shades are unique additions to my arsenal. I am glad I bought them with the only exception being Unearthed. It’s a bit too cool and I have other similar shades that look better on me.

I can highly recommend them if any of the shades available tickles your fancy. The brand recently released some new shades to their lineup – the Skyfall and the Landfall collection. None of those shades called my name but I will keep an eye out for future collections.

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