It’s about time!

Yup. I should have done this a long time ago. No, delete that. No ‘should’ belongs in this space.

What I can say is that I’ve thought about creating a blog for many many years now. But out of fear of ‘something’ I put it off. And the years accumulated. In lack of the creative outlet that I obviously craved I started dabbling with Instagram. And I ENJOYED IT!!! Oh the narcissistic horror! Taking pictures of my face and my possessions and sharing it with the faceless masses. But then the feeling of awkwardness for this social media newbie disappeared and I realized what a great source of creative and aesthetic inspiration Instagram was. It was the perfect outlet for me at the time. I felt safe. Not too personal and I was not committing to anything.

But now my cravings for a another creative space have led me in a new direction. Hence the creation of this space – my blog. One of the joys of creating, for me,  is sharing the result with someone. I hope You enjoy some of the things I create. Maybe get inpired. That is what I wish for….

See you around!

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