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Many years ago I was purchasing new nail polish with feverish intensity. In recent years I have slowed down, mainly due to being quite happy with what I have and therefore being more picky with what new beauty items I spend money on. The ones that still tickle my fancy nowadays are usually of the indie variety.

When the lovely Swedish site, and my initial go-to for indie polishes, Edgy Polish closed in 2017 I more or less stopped buying indie brands. Too much faff with shipping. A bit later on a friend introduced me to another European supplier, Hypnotic Polish (found here), and that door in my brain opened again. I now find myself drooling over unique quirky shades again. My last near purchase was thwarted when I compared my virtual basket to what I already owned and had to stop myself. But recently I took the leap and bought ten new shades. They excited me and that excitement is something I have missed a lot! It’s sadly not a common feeling for me anymore since the market is swamped with new releases and brands trying to up each other to win our attention. A lot of releases are just flat out boring..

Just show us the damn shades Sofia!

Ok, ok I will. But I must warn you, this post will be quite long due to heavy picture action. I hope you don’t mind. All stick swatches are three layers by the way.

My loot – ten items in total

F.U.N Laquer

Sunset (H), Lavender (H), Uniphant (H) and Beetle

I bought four shades from the spring/summer collection by F.U.N Laquer and out of these I chose the holo version for three of the shades (all shades in the collection are available as both with and without). This entire collection really enchanted me and I could easily have purchased more of them, but I am damn pleased with the shades I chose.

Sunset (H)
F.U.N Laquer – Sunset (H)

Sunset (holo version) is a beautiful shade that can be used transparent on it’s own in one layer or up to three layers for more opacity. I have tried it on top of another polish and its fiery shift is stunning as layering shade. I look forward to using it more like that, especially over darker shades.

Lavender (H)

Lavender (holo version) is also a very stunning translucent shade and can be worn in a similar fashion to Sunset. A sheer wash or a more opaque varnish. Also I imagine they all will come alive even more when paired with a really glossy top coat. It’s a ghostly wash of muted lilac with a blue shift, yum. The swatch pic looks a little flat but it’s not in real life, promise.

The many sides of Uniphant (H)

Uniphant (holo version) is a real favourite. I LOVE IT. This was the first one I wore and I adore its sickly green sheen. I think I will wear this one mostly on it’s own or maybe as a thin one coat over a lighter neutral base.

Uniphant – Such a beautiful shade!

Beetle was the one shade from F.U.N Laquer that I opted to purchase without the holo effect. This shade also has a very interesting otherworldly and greenish sheen to it.

Emily de Molly, Enchanted Polish and Femme Fatale

Goddess of Rays, Groovy Ghoul, His Fangs Are Sharp, Five or Eight

Next up are two brands that are totally new to me, Emily de Molly and Enchanted Polish. The shades just spoke to me, especially Groovy Ghoul that I’ve been eyeing for quite a while.

Goddess of Rays by Emily de Molly is just that – a goddess. It really lights up the nails and it’s a real chameleon depending on the light as you can see above from the swatches. On the swatch stick I have three coats but on my nails it was sufficient with two.

Groovy Ghoul

Groovy Ghoul by Enchanted Polish is such an attractive shade. Swampy green with a burning fire within. Murky and fantastic. It was love at first sight!

His Fangs Are Sharp

His Fangs Are Sharp is a shade from the Jumanji collection by Femme Fatale, a brand that is not new to me. They tend to do shades that entice me so I have a few already. This is another lovely murky shade with a fiery glow. It’s more golden mustard swamp compared to Groovy Ghoul that is a lot greener.

Five by Eight

Five by Eight is also from the Jumanji collection. This is such a beautiful squishy and juicy shade. A muted tropical cocktail shade with a jelly finish that lets the gold flecks shine through.

Cirque Colors

Hygge and Succulent Garden

Hygge is a super cool and radiant shade. It has a stunning pinkish shift and little holographic flecks that run through it. Elegant and edgy at the same time.

Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden is another shade I’ve been eyeing for a few months. I’m very drawn to this kind of green and the exquisite shift is so beautiful.

All ten

All in all I’m very excited to wear these and as I am typing this I have already worn five of them in some capacity. They are unique additions to what I already own and I do not regret getting any of them.

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