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    My Makeup Audit: November 2021

    Im very late with my wrap up for November and it is a nice summary of how November was. Busy, with little time and energy for fun makeup play time. The audit arsenal consisted of 28 shadows from mainly Meow Cosmetics. A few shades from Emme Cosmetics, MAC and H&M were included as well.

    As in previous months I’m supplementing the monthly arsenal, that consists of only shimmers/metallics, by using three palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills as complements in the matte and inner corner highlight area. Those are the Modern Renaissance, Subculture and Prism palettes and swatches of those will be shown further down in the post for reference. I’ve decided to do this for the remainder of my first audit phase (the last month is February 2022).

    In a little Nabla palette I assembled four shadows by Emme Cosmetics (Australian Amber, Jack, Antique Copper, Ember). Then we have two single pots – one by MAC (Stolen Moment) and one by H&M (Sharp as Mustard).

    Clockwise from the top: Deranged, Dour, Contagion, Sensuous, Turmoil, Melancholy, Tarnished, Whipped Cream

    Shadows from the Meow Cosmetics collections Shades of Meow (Whipped Cream, Sensuous) and Shattered Equinox (Deranged, Dour, Contagion, Turmoil, Melancholy, Tarnished).

    Clockwise from the top: Sirah, Chablis, Copse, Lunulae, Indecency, Mayhem, Plague, Scourge

    Shadows from the Meow Cosmetics collections Winter Spirits (Sirah, Chablis), Rainbow’s End (Lunulae), Glacial Grove (Copse) and Pandora’s Box (Indecency, Mayhem, Plague, Scourge).

    Clockwise from the top: Sand Dune, Reincarnation, Obelisk, Temple, Ecliptic, Nocturne

    Shadows from the Meow Cosmetics collections Egyptian Treasures (Sand Dune, Reincarnation, Obelisk, Temple) and Harvest Moon (Ecliptic, Nocturne).

    That was the entire monthly arsenal. Let’s move on to swatches and my opinions on these products after using them during November.

    I’m a bit surprised that I decided to keep all of the shadows above. All of the Emme shadows look dusty in the pan but perform well on the eyes. Stolen Moment (MAC) was more beautiful than I had anticipated and Sharp as Mustard (H&M) is just such a unique colour and I really enjoyed wearing it.

    Moving on to the loose shadows from Meow Cosmetics. The most obvious dud of the above was Sensuous. It had a blue base that made it hard to work with. I seldom wear blue-green shadows anyway so it was an easy decision. Deranged had a similar base issue but I contemplated to keep it since the final effect on the eye was very pretty. But in the end I decided to let it go since I prefer keeping shades that are easier to use. Melancholy was just ok, but I have a hard time picturing myself reaching for this muted purple in the future so it can go as well. The rest of them were keepers. Whipped Cream was a surprise like, it is a beautiful neutral white inner corner highlighter. Tarnished, Turmoil, Dour and Contagion were simply very pretty shades on the eyes and I had fun wearing them.

    Sirah turned out to be a matte, and I know I will never reach for a dark matte purple in a loose format. Chablis is a pretty gunmetal but yet another shade I will never reach for in a loose format. Copse was pretty but not special enough for me to keep. Mayhem and Scourge both had a very dark bases that made them difficult to work with. So those five are out. Lunulae is a very shiny pewter silver that I found very interesting and unique. The silvery taupe Indecency was also surprisingly shiny and pretty on the eye. And finally we have the third keeper, the stunning molten gold Plague. Lovely.

    On to the final lot of shadows. Out of the above shadows only one was not working for me and that was surprisingly Obelisk. It looks stunning in the swatch but this one had a blue base as well that made it difficult to work with and not worth keeping. All of the others are stunning all over the lid shades and I am happily keeping all of them. Sand Dune also worked well as an inner corner highlight for certain looks.

    That was my rundown of this month’s arsenal. Let’s finish off with a few looks from November.

    November 11

    Eyes: Plague – Sharp As Mustard – Sand Dune

    Cheeks: Supernova (blush, MAC) – Lightscapades (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Velvet Blush Lightly (Lisa Eldridge)

    November 12

    Eyes: Jack – All Star – Roxy – Eros (liner, Chanel)

    Cheeks: mix of Legendary and Immortal Flower (blush, MAC) – Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua) – OMG (highlight, Illamasqua)

    Lips: Velvet Ribbon (Lisa Eldridge) – Cherry (liner, MAC)

    November 24

    Eyes: Ecliptic – Whipped Cream – Dawn

    Cheeks: Autoerotique (blush, MAC) – Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua) – Lightscapades (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: mix of Burning Love (MAC) and Pink Opal (Linda Hallberg)

    All in all I let go of nine shadows after this months audit, all of them loose shadows by Meow Cosmetics. A smaller number than I had anticipated.

    Besides the eye shadow audit I managed to wear 19 blushes, 3 contour shades, 4 highlighters, 16 lipsticks, one lip gloss and 4 lip liners. The downsizing of my cheek products continues and every month I find items to put away. This month it was the blush Supernova by MAC, a bright hot pink, that I think I do not need to keep. I have several darker pink shades that en up looking similar on the cheek. Since I seldom wear bright cheeks like that anyway I do not need to keep many options.

    Thank you for reading!

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    My Makeup Audit: October 2021

    It gets darker and darker outside and the combination with less sunlight and a busy work schedule equals few makeup looks captured with a camera. When I went through my pictures I found oh so very few pictures of my face with makeup. But I have managed to wear nearly every piece of makeup in this months arsenal and the result of the audit is quite pleasing.

    In October I had 26 shadows to choose from, 18 of them in a loose format. The loose shadows were all by Meow Cosmetics and in the palette I had shadows by Neve Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, Nabla, MAC and KvD. And as I am down to auditing only shimmer/metallic shadow I am still supplementing the monthly arsenal with mattes, and this month I did exactly the same as I did in September by using three palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills as complements in the matte and inner corner highlight area. Those are the Modern Renaissance, Subculture and Prism palettes and swatches of those will be shown further down in the post for reference.

    Top Row L-R: Fiori d’Ombra, Snowberry, Taupe Notch

    Middle Row L-R: Divine Decadence, On the Road, Retro

    Bottom Row L-R: Swoon, Showtime

    In a Lethal palette I assembled a smaller assortment of pressed singles by Neve Cosmetics (Fiori d’Ombra, Retro), Nabla (Snowberry, On the Road), MAC (Devine Decadence), Makeup Geek (Taupe Notch, Showtime) and KvD (Swoon). These vary in age from between 2014 and 1017 I assume. They are a mix of ‘sold as singles’ and ones depotted from palettes.

    Clockwise from the top: Fate – Misfortune – 13 – Bad Luck – Supernatural – Broken Mirror – Cursed – Unlucky – Paranormal – Accident

    Then we have a large line-up from the Friday the 13th collection by Meow Cosmetics, pictured above, purchased around 2013.

    Clockwise from the top left: Mind Control – Abduction – Implant– Little Green Men – Tissue Sample – Probe – Abductee – Gray Matter

    And last but not least we have eight shadows from the Alien Abduction collection by Meow Cosmetics, also purchased around 2013. I love this collection!

    Complements: mattes and highlights from Modern Renaissance – Subculture – Prism

    That was the entire monthly arsenal. Let’s move on to swatches and my opinions on these products after using them for a month.

    The Neve shadows, Fiori d’Ombra and Retro, are starting to smell bad and must go. Retro was the only one that was remotely interesting anyway but I have other similar green shadows. Divine Decadence (MAC) and Showtime (MUG) performed badly and are no-goes as well. Swoon (KvD) was the one shadow I did not get a chance to wear but I love that one so I feel ok to keep it anyway. Snowberry and On the Road (both by Nabla) are very pretty shades and I will keep them for now. Taupe Notch (MUG) is very dusty in the pan but still works ok on the eye. But I’ve decided to let it go anyway, since I’m sure I have similar shades that are in better shape. So five out of eight shadows are out.

    Friday the 13th collection by Meow Cosmetics

    Moving on to the Meow shades. For the Friday the 13th collection I did both dry swatches (left) and on top of primer (right). The standouts from this bunch are Broken Mirror, Fate, Paranormal and Supernatural. Definite keepers. I also loved Bad Luck and Unlucky enough so they can also stay. Misfortune is ok but it’s not my favourite pale blue on me. I have others I prefer and it is a colour I wear seldom anyway. 13 and Cursed was nothing special on the eye and Accident has this dark base colour that makes it hard to work with. So those three can go.

    Alien Abduction collection by Meow Cosmetics

    And on to the stunning Alien Abduction collection by Meow, oh this is so pleasing to my eye. The stand-outs are Mind Control, Implant and Little Green Men. But I also adore Gray Matter and Abduction. Tissue Sample and Probe are less special on the eye but I am so fond of these that I do not want to let them go. The one dud that I will get rid of is Abductee. It is a quite plain dark purple and I would had preferred it if it was a pressed shadow. So I know I will not be reaching for this.

    That was my evaluation of this month’s lineup. Let’s finish off with the few looks I actually managed to capture.

    October 15

    Eyes: Snowberry – Vermeer – Agapé (liner, Chanel)

    Cheeks: The Perfect Cheek (blush, MAC) – Gotham (contour, Nabla) – Perfect Topping (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Velvet Fiery (Revlon) and Beet lip liner (MAC)

    October 19

    Eyes: Retro – Lucid – Parallel – 28 – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Buff (blush, MAC) – Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua)

    Lips: Velvet Fawn (Lisa Eldridge) – Pink Opal (Linda Hallberg) and Muse lip liner (Lisa Eldridge)

    October 24

    Eyes: Paranormal – Mercury – Lucid – The New Noir (cream shadow, H&M)

    Cheeks: Sur (blush, MAC) – Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua) – Perfect Topping (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Velvet Cinnabar and Cinnabar liner (Lisa Eldridge)

    October 29

    Eyes: 13 – Lucid – Caffeine (primer, Urban Decay)

    Cheeks: Breath of Plum (blush, MAC) – OMG (highlight, Illamasqua)

    Lips: Cream lip stain in “17” (Sephora) and Brick lip liner (MAC)

    All in all I let go of ten shadows after this months audit, five loose and five pressed. A nice number I think. I’m keeping my complementary shadows from ABH for November as well, it is a convenient approach.

    Besides the eye shadow audit I managed to wear 21 blushes, 4 contour shades, 4 highlighters, 20 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses and 5 liners. The downsizing of my cheek products continues and I keep putting items aside. And I’m prepping for a little audit of my lip products again. Some items are so old that I am uncomfortable keeping them much longer even though they still smell, look and perform fine.

    Thank you for reading!

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    My Makeup Audit: September 2021

    I had a selection of 36 individual shadows and only eight of those shadows were mattes or near mattes. The brands included were MAC, Nabla, KvD, H&M Beauty, Emme Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, Bare Minerals and Meow Cosmetics. This was the first month where I had no matte shadows to audit. So I supplemented the 36 shimmer/metallic shadows with three palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills that I am going to depot further on. It’s the Modern Renaissance, Subculture and Prism palettes. I also realised that I was lacking inner corner highlights in the arsenal as well so the lighter shades in those three palettes were used as well. I’m going to show pictures of those mattes and highlighters down below for reference but I am not going to evaluate them further in this post.

    Top Row L-R: Honey Lust – Anarchy – Silver Lining – Toxic

    Middle Row L-R: Ludwig – Rust – Ground State – Sandy

    Bottom row L-R: Legend – Immaculate – Under Pressure – Entropy

    In a medium magnetic palette I collected some single pans. I think most of these are 2014-2016 and the majority is by Nabla (Ludwig, Rust, Ground State, Sandy, Under Pressure, Entropy). We also had three from Makeup Geek (Anarchy, Toxic, Legend), one each by Emme Cosmetics (Silver Lining), KvD (Immaculate) and MAC (Honey Lust).

    Clockwise from the top: Cuvée Rosé – Violet – Electric Coral – Chartreuse Bouquet – Deep Sea

    The MAC pigment in the large jar (Violet) is ancient and the other two by the same brand are from around 2014 (Electric Coral, Chartreuse Bouquet). The deep teal pigment by Bare Minerals (Deep Sea) is from 2013 and the H&M Beauty shadow is the newest of the bunch.

    Clockwise from the top: Paradise Island – Flamenco – Bahia Solano – Bora Bora– Treasure Beach – Cinnamon Bay

    All of the Meow Cosmetics shadows are from around 2013 and the above collection was called ‘Castaway’.

    Clockwise from the top: Champagne – Or – Calliope – Bubble Bath – String of Pearls – Turtle Bay

    The above shadows are a mix from five different Meow collections – ‘Times Square’ (Champagne, String of Pearls), ‘Pleasures’ (Bubble Bath), ‘Sunless Sea’ (Calliope), ‘Castaway’ (Turtle Bay) and ‘Rainbow’s End’ (Or).

    Clockwise from the top: Uncharted – Mai Tai – Expedition – Begin – Boa – Iced Coffee – Spider Monkey

    The above shadows are a mix from four different Meow collections – ‘Times Square’ (Begin), ‘Caribbean Escape’ (Mai Tai, Uncharted), ‘Lost Rainforest’ (Expedition, Boa, Spider Monkey) and ‘Joys of Summer’ (Iced Coffee).

    Top to bottom: Modern Renaissance – Subculture – Prism

    Let’s move on to swatches of each shade and a walkthrough of my opinions after a month of usage. I did not have time to make too many notes during the month so my description of the keepers will be brief with a note on why I am letting some shades go.

    Most of these beautiful shimmer and metallics performed very well and many of them were all over the lid shades. Silver Lining (Emme) is more of a topper but the rest perform great on their own or with just a matte crease shade to accompany them. The dud of the bunch was Immaculate (KvD). The dark base made it finicky to work with, so that can go. All of the rest are keepers.

    All of these four look stunning on the eye. Cuvée Rosé (H&M Beauty) is a very pretty all over the lid shade. Despite the fact that this formula cannot be depotted I am inclined to keep it right now. Violet pigment (MAC) performs very well still but this one is one of my oldest eye shadows and I feel like it is time to let it go. Electric Coral and Chartreuse Bouquet (MAC) are lovely bright pops of colour and the mesmerising Deep Sea (Bare Minerals) is a keeper as well. So all but one will stay.

    These muted Meow shadows are all perfect as all over the lid shades. Some need a crease buddy but not all. The one shadow I felt was lacking that ‘something something’ is Cinnamon Bay. So I will be letting that one go and the rest may stay.

    The same goes for this lot of Meow shadows as well. Out of the above I will keep all except Bubble Bath, since it is not my favourite shade of inner corner highlight and I have no other use for it.

    Out of the above seven and final Meow shades I decided to let go of Mai Tai and Begin. They did not stand out as much on the eye as other similar shades that I own and I can not see myself reaching for them in the future. The rest of the shades are beautiful in their own way. Most Meow shades are very complex and look interesting on the eye in a way that no swatch (dry or primed) can convey. I love wearing them and doing this audit only heighten my feelings for them.

    Those were all of the shades from September. Let’s have a look at some of the looks I created during the month.

    September 12

    Eyes: Violet – Chartreuse Bouquet – Ground State – Immaculate – Under Pressure – Buon Fresco – Sphere – Obsidian

    Cheeks: Dusty Rose (blush, IsaDora) – Perfect Topping (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Garden Party (H&M Beauty) and Muse lip liner (Lisa Eldridge)

    September 14

    Eyes: Ludwig – Rust – Primavera – Golden Ochre – Raw Sienna

    Cheeks: Breath of Plum (blush, MAC) – OMG (highlight, Illamasqua)

    Lips: Rose Official (Lisa Eldridge)

    September 22

    Eyes: Bahia Solano – Sandy – Bubble Bath – Warm Taupe – Obsidian

    Cheeks: Pinky Peach (blush, IsaDora) – Next To Skin (contour, MAC) – OMG (highlight, Illamasqua)

    Lips: Spirited Away (Lisa Eldridge)

    September 26

    Eyes: Boa – Turtle Bay – Electric – Dawn – Destiny – Rowdy

    Cheeks: The Perfect Cheek (blush, MAC) – Next To Skin (contour, MAC) – Lightscapades (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Velvet Decade (Lisa Eldridge)

    September 27

    Eyes: Calliope – Uncharted

    Cheeks: Oh My! (blush, MAC)

    Lips: Velvet Myth (Lisa Eldridge)

    All in all I let go of only six shadows after this months audit. But I am deepening my love for the shades and tools that I have and learning more and more about what I like, use and why. The matte shades and inner corner highlights are going to be used as complementary shadows for at least another month and after that I can hopefully decide on which ones I want to keep when I depot those three ABH palettes.

    Besides the eye shadow audit I managed to wear 19 blushes, 3 contour shades, 6 highlighters, 18 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses and one liner. I have started downsizing my cheek products as well these past months, putting things aside. Things I find with repeated wear that I feel less for than others. All those items I do not love I put away in a box. When the audit is over I will go trough that box and most likely let everything in it go. Right now I have some blushes, highlighters and eye pencils in there. I doubt that I will miss them.

    At the rate I am going now the first round of the audit in every category except nail polish will be done after February 2022. I cannot wait to get there.

    Thank you for reading!

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    My Makeup Audit: August 2021

    The fact that I started work again in the beginning of the month did not push me to wear makeup more often as I had anticipated, the opposite happened. August was not an inspiring makeup month for me and I had more makeup free days than I would have wanted.

    This was the last month where I still had matte shadows to audit. I had a selection of 39 individual shadows and only eight of those shadows were mattes or near mattes. The brands included were MAC, Inglot, Lethal Cosmetics, Nabla, KvD, Urban Decay, H&M Beauty, Emme Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, Sephora Collection, Bare Minerals and Meow Cosmetics.

    Top Row L-R: 382 – 460 – 300 – Fahrenheit – City Wold – Ashe – Jaunty

    Second Row L-R: Glitz – Extra Virgin – Daphne No2 – Symbiosis – After Dark – Flame

    Third row L-R: Sensuous – Antique Copper – Roulette – Pocket Change – Unwind – Banafsaji – Serendipity

    Bottom row L-R: Ministry – Sanctuary

    In a larger palette I gathered a selection of single pans, some of which had been depotted from fixed palettes, and the result turned out quite boring to be honest. I’m starting to reach the point in my audit where I just have to work with what I have left and make the most of it. Six shadows were mattes or near mattes – Inglot (382, 460, 300), Nabla (Fahrenheit, City Wolf) and KvD (Ashe). A very random mix of shades and one reason for that the mattes used this month are the last ones I own. So I just had to make do.

    The rest of the shadows in this palette are shimmers and metallics of varying age by MAC (Jaunty, After Dusk, Unwind, Banafsaji), Makeup Geek (Sensuous, Roulette, Pocket Change), Nabla (Glitz, Extra Virgin, Daphne No2), Lethal Cosmetics (Symbiosis), Sephora Collection (Antique Copper), KvD (Ministry, Sanctuary) and Emme Cosmetics (Flame, Serendipity). I do not care to speculate how old some of these shadows are.

    Clockwise from the top: Spike – Midnight Blast – Sea Worship – Shitake – Grand Galaxy

    Then we have five singles in their original pots by Urban Decay (Spike, Midnight Blast), MAC (Sea Worship, Grand Galaxy) and H&M Beauty (Shitake). Oldest of these is for sure Grand Galaxy in the large pan (the old iteration of the Extra Dimension shadows, now the pans are smaller) and it is from 2012. Sea Worship is from the Alluring Aquatic collection from 2015 and the rest are newer than that.

    Clockwise from top left: Sighting – Treasure – Venus Fly Trap – Obedient – Kiwi – Cumulonimbus – Anathema – White Squall – Blood Orange

    This month we had nine shadows from Meow Cosmetics and these are all from around 2013 – the same as all of my Meow shadows. Some dramatic and some fruity shades. Meow is actually closing down business right now and it feels a bit sad to be honest. I really enjoy their shadows a lot and I am glad I have as many of their stunning shades as I do.

    Clockwise from the top: Ever So Yellow – Violet Spell – Rose Gold

    The yellow MAC pigment (Ever So Yellow) is from the 2014 Playland collection. The Bare Minerals pots (Rose Gold, Violet Spell) are from a limited edition stack that my sister bought for me as a Christmas gift when she was in New York in 2013.

    Those were all the of the shadows in my monthly arsenal for August. I completely failed to include any inner corner highlight shades so I had to supplement with something. I chose to do a lil audit round on some of my cheek highlighters. I have a few products that I am contemplating letting go of and wanting to give them a chance as inner corner highlights before deciding. The products in question were Phantoma and Chameleon by Meow Cosmetics and the colourful trio in my Holo palette by H&M Beauty. You can find pictures and swatches of those in the blog post chronicling my current cheek arsenal. And as per usual, since I did not have a dark brown or black matte in this lineup, I did use my Eye Brow Cake in “Gaze” from Illamasqua to fill the purpose of liner and deepening shade whenever needed.

    Let’s move on to swatches of each shade and a walkthrough of my opinions after a month of usage.

    382 (Inglot) is a lovely hot pink matte with great pigmentation. It can definitely stay. 460 from the same brand is a matte mauve with fine gold glitter. The glitter does not show up on the eye and this is a great crease/transition shade on my skin tone. 300 (also by Inglot) is a mustard brown and I love using shades like this. The pigmentation was great and it blended very well. All three of these can stay.

    Fahrenheit (Nabla) is a deep yet bright wine red. I enjoy this and primarily use it as a deepening shadow when doing a ruddy or bright pink look. I have no reason to let this one go. City Wolf (Nabla) is a mid grey on me. It works well but I’m unsure of how much use I will have of this. I think it will have to go to round 2 so that I can keep a few greys, the best and hopefully the least old.

    Ashe (KvD) is a very good neutral on me and I used this a lot as a crease and transition shade. The glitter particles did nothing for me though and I think this one can go as I’m sure I have another matte shade that can do its job just fine. Jaunty (MAC) is an old favourite cool light beige. It’s too light fo a lid look now and not effectual as a highlight so I’m letting it go. Glitz (Nabla) is a tarnished gold and nothing unique. But it makes for a soft and neutral eye and I have no reason to get rid of it right now.

    Extra Virgin (Nabla) looks a lot more warm in the pan than on the eye and that surprised me a lot. It’s an almost sooty cool green and it looked amazing on. Easy to work with and it gave a nice semi-dark eye when used all over the lid. Daphne No2 (Nabla) is dark wine with a slight shimmer. That combination made me question whether I need to keep this. If it was more prominently shimmery or metallic it could be worn on its own, but for deepening purposes I might as well wear a matte shadow. My conclusion is that I simply do not have any use for this.

    Symbiosis (Lethal) is a bright almost peachy leaning gold. It’s nice enough to stay but nothing remarkable. However it rather new compared to many of my other shades so I am not inclined to lose this one at this point. After Dusk (MAC) has had me torn for the entire month. I did not manage to wear it in a way that made me go wow, but at the same time I know I have very few shades like that and a rosy purple is something I want in my arsenal. So I have decided to keep it for now.

    Flame (Emme Cosmetics) is a muted coppery red metallic and I enjoy it. Not a definitive favourite, but interesting enough to stay for now. Sensuous (Makeup Geek) has become very dusty over the years and it’s a bit of a turnoff. It still works ok over a primer but I am not so head over heels that I think it’s worth to keep despite the change in formula. I wore it once and that is enough to seal its fate.

    Antique Copper (Sephora Collection) is another one that has me split. I like the shade in theory and it’s lovely swatched on the arm. But on my eye it flips between nothing and making me look a bit ill. I will let it go since I obviously can not make it work in a satisfactory way.

    Roulette (Makeup Geek) is a fiery copper that performs well still. I suspect I have quite a few similar shades but it can stay for round 2. Pocket Change (Makeup Geek) is a muted copper and it performs very well, yet it is a bit boring. I want to keep it for now since it’s a useful shade and I want to compare it to other keepers until I decide which ones to keep beyond this audit process.

    Unwind (MAC) is a light golden olive and I was a bit surprised that I enjoyed this shade so much. I am keeping it. Banafsaji (MAC) did just not perform well and it was not difficult to let it go.

    Serendipity (Emme) was not very effectual over Violet Spell for example. Topped over a darker shade (I layered it over Sanctuary) it had a lovely pink shift but I think I can accomplish that effect with other shadows. I know I never reach for this shade and it feels like a bit too much effort to keep.

    Ministry (KvD) is a very bright metallic mid blue and I really loved wearing it. It is one of those shades that makes you happy with its brightness. I’m keeping it. Sanctuary (KvD) has this blackened base that when applied on the eye made the shadow look darker and murkier than in the pan. I’m not a fan.

    Spike (Urban Decay) is a great rusty orange matte. This type of shade is a useful crease shade for me and this specific shadow blended beautifully. I should depot it but somehow I really like the UD pots. I will have to think about that and also see if I have any similar shades already depotted. But it will definitely stay for round 2.

    Midnight Blast (Urban Decay) is in the Moondust formula. It is way prettier than the picture shows, full of gold and pink glitter particles. It is a definitve keeper. Sea Worship (MAC) is an Extra Dimension shadow and in a gorgeous tarnished olive colour. It still performs well and does not smell bad or anything. I do like the shade well enough to keep it.

    Shitake (H&M) is a cool almost silvery beige. It’s nice but too light for me as a lid shade so I am letting it go. Grand Galaxy (MAC) is another Extra Dimension shadow but this one has sadly started to smell a bit funky. Nothing too bad but it is very old so can not justify keeping it. The shade is stunning though, but I had my time with it and now it’s over.

    Over to the Meow Cosmetics selection of the month. Sighting (Alien Abduction collection) is a purple with a strong blue shift. A really bright and happy shade. Stunning and staying. Treasure (Egyptian Treasures collection) is a beautiful molten gold. Meow does such stunning golds and this one can for sure stay.

    Venus Fly Trap (Gloom & Bloom collection) is a muted mid green with a slight cool shift. I find it very interesting and want to play with it some more. It can stay. Obedient (Shades of Meow collection) is a pale peachy gold and I used it all over the lid and what not impressed with the result. It was too light for me, I prefer this type of a shade if it is a bit darker to add a bit of a shade on my lid. However I did try it as an inner corner highlight and it worked wonderfully. It was a really cool effect and I am keeping it for that purpose.

    Kiwi (Caribbean Escape collection) is a light cool green with enough of reflectiveness for it to be a pretty inner corner highlight. I want to keep it for that purpose. Cumulonimbus (Gloom & Bloom collection) is nice but nothing remarkable. Since I wear blue so infrequently I know I will never reach for this and I can safely let it go. Anathema (Pandoras Box collection) is such a stunning fiery copper shade. It looks so good and really complements my eye colour. Keeper.

    White Squall (Gloom & Bloom collection) is an interesting blue silver. I was sure that this was one shadow I would not like but surprise surprise. When I wore it I enjoyed the tone way more than I thought I would. I find it hard to find blue shadows that I like to wear and therefore this one can stay for now since I would like to wear it again. Blood Orange (Caribbean Escape collection) is a sparkly orange with gold shimmer. A great shade that can stay as well.

    Ever So Yellow (MAC) is a bright yellow with a silver sheen runnning trough it and that sheen specifically made it a dud for me. I can not see myself reaching for it and it will go. Violet Spell (Bare Minerals) is a nice mid purple but when applied on the eye it has this silvery sheen to it that alters the shade quite a bit and takes away some of the depth I had anticipated to get on the lid with this colour. If it had been matte and more true to colour on the lid it would have been nicer but I have no feelings for this as is and will let it go. Rose Gold (Bare Minerals) is just that, a cool rose gold. It looks lovely all over the lid. Subtle yet effective. Keeping for now.

    That was the lot! Let’s have a look at some of the looks I created during the month.

    August 3

    Eyes: Extra Virgin – Ashe

    Cheeks: Pink Cult (blush, MAC) – Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua) – Play It Proper (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Nougatine (H&M Beauty)

    August 8

    Eyes: Banafsaji – City Wolf – Ministry – Phantoma – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Pinky Peach (blush, IsaDora) – Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua) – Phantoma (highlight, Meow Cosmetics)

    Lips: Sultry (Revlon)

    August 11

    Eyes: Anathema – Spike

    Cheeks: Supernova (blush, MAC)

    Lips: Painterly (Lisa Eldridge)

    August 14

    Eyes: Daphne No2 – Fahrenheit – Ashe – Antique Copper – Alkaline (liner, Urban Decay)

    Cheeks: Habana (blush, Sleek Makeup) – Gotham (contour, MAC) – Obsexed (highlight, Nabla)

    Lips: Velvet Midnight (Lisa Eldridge) and Nightmoth lip liner (MAC)

    August 23

    Eyes: 460 – Sea Worship

    Cheeks: Mocha (blush, MAC) – Next To Skin (contour, MAC) – OMG (highlight, Illamasqua)

    Lips: Goldstone (LH Cosmetics)

    August 26

    Eyes: 460 – Serendipity – Sanctuary – Jaunty – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Legendary (blush, MAC) – Lightscapades (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Spirited Away (Lisa Eldridge)

    August 28

    Eyes: Blood Orange – Flame – 382 – Fahrenheit – Alkaline (liner, Urban Decay)

    Cheeks: Buff (blush, Sleek MAC) – Taupe (contour, MAC) – Here Comes Joy (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Pink Opal (LH Cosmetics)

    All in all I let go of 13 shadows and that feels GREAT! I am so glad that I am able to let that many go and feel comfortable in my judgement. I also know that many of the shadows that I have kept over the months (years) that this audit have been ongoing are going to be weeded out in round 2. I have about six moths left with my audit project, the first round, and it feels so good to near the end.

    Besides the eye shadow audit I managed to wear 20 blushes, 5 contour shades, 8 highlighters, 20 lipsticks and 2 lip pencils. I do want to make a blog post where I go through all of my lip products and I hope to find the time soon.

    Thank you for reading!

  • Makeup

    Glam Shop purchase part one – swatches

    Glam Shop is a Polish brand that I heard about for the first time shortly before making this purchase in mid February. After watching a few videos with yummy swatches and positive first impressions I became intrigued. I subsequently browsed their website and found oh so many shades that got me really excited. New makeup rarely does that for me nowadays so when I find something that does just that I tend to follow that feeling (to some extent). Also, most exciting indie brands are in the States and shipping takes a while and customs is killer. That Glam Shop is located in Europe was a huge pull factor for me.

    The purchasing process was easy and shipping was quick and efficient. I chose to get the UPS shipping alternative and got my order a week and a half after ordering (Poland to Sweden).

    Glam Shop offers a variety of finishes and I purchased ten mattes, five turbo glow pigments, two glam shadows, one multichrome and one holographic shadow. The website was somewhat translated to English when I placed my order and I had no issues with my purchase except deciding what to get because there was so much to chose from. A pleasant problem. The translation is way better now as far as I can tell and even more new finishes have been added, like their velvet and marble eyeshadows. They have also released a plethora of new shades since I made my order.

    The brand have also launched complexion products, such as concealer, foundation etc. But their shade range is lacking, three shades of very light beige for the concealer for example, and I sincerely hope they extend that shade range in the near future, including swatches of their entire range (shadows too) on multiple skin tones. We shall see….

    A few things I noticed when swatching the shadows for this post is that the mattes are very soft and quite powdery. I had to go over them a few times to look good on the arm. However, this factor was not a problem on the eye (I’ve worn all of the shades at least once) and they blended beautifully. But I would recommend being gentle with the brush when picking up the product from the pan since it can easily kick up a lot of excess product if you use a stiff brush or anything other than a light pressure. Powdery shadows is not a problem for me personally but its worth noting.


    I knew there was a risk that I bought dupes for things that are already in my stash since I picked colours that I already own a plethora of like yellow, red and coral. But these specific shades looked unique enough for me to risk it and try them anyway. I also wanted to try the Glam Shop matte formula and what better way to do it than in a variety of colours that I knew I wear often. When prepping this post I did a little dig in my arsenal to see if I had picked up any dupes for the matte shades specifically.

    Slomkowy (Straw) is a dirty pollen shade. Murky brights are so much fun to wear and I look forward to using this a lot. I love yellow and as I suspected, I did not have another yellow shadow with this murky undertone.

    Kwasniak (Acidic) is a dirty lime and it is oh so good. This one is similar but not a dupe for shades I already own. It is a dirtier version compared to my other limes.

    Slodki Nude (Sweet Nude) looked like a lovely rosy brown on the website. Swatched out it is not as unique and rosy as I envisioned and I did find a dupe for this in Delirium by Lethal Cosmetics. So in hindsight I could have skipped this one but now that I have it I’m sure I can get some use out of it.

    Szefuncio (Bossy) is a burnt yet bright orange. Lovely shade that I have nothing like.

    Nie Swiety (Unholy) is a bright red and one I suspected I might have a dupe for since I’m a sucker for red mattes but I really wanted to try the Glam Shop one. When I looked for a dupe in my arsenal I was pleasantly surprised that I could not find another tomato red like this.

    Bergamotka (Bergamot) is a coral with a muted touch. A stunning shade and I could not find anything too similar in my arsenal.

    Musztardowka (Mustard) is a soft honey cream. I have nothing like this one either.

    Kolorado (Colorado) is like a browner version of Bergamotka. Another interesting and unique shade that I could not find an existing dupe for.

    Brudny Zolty (Dirty Yellow) is a nice mid mustard and it has that murkisness to it that makes it unique and I have nothing like it.

    Kaszmir (Cashmere) is a medium dirty cool purple. A useful crease shade for me and reminiscent of many other shades that I already own. But I could not find a dupe since most other similar shades had a lot less blue in them.

    So after my initial reservation that I had bought dupes we can conclude that many of the shades have a murkiness to them that sets them tonally apart from what I already own. The only one I found a close dupe for was Slodki Nude. I am very glad that it played out well. The mattes are priced between 2,04 -3,06 € when there is not a discount.

    Turbo Glow pressed pigments

    Top Row L-R: Zyg-Zag – Bombowy – Laser

    Bottom row L-R: Vegas Bis – Turbo Wata Cukrowa

    Zyg-Zak (Zig Zag) is quite gritty and flaky to touch but almost turned oily when applied (when swatching). This is the most amazing of the bunch. The colour shift is so stunning. A ruddy base with a strong alien green shift that turns a reddish purple in certain lights.

    Bombowy (Super Duper) is more subtle than the others Turbo Glows that I picked up. But this pinky bronze is very beautiful. It stained my arm slightly when swatching, but not as bad as Turbo Wata Cukrowa. A thinner formula than some of the others.

    Laser has a purple base with a pale green shift that turns hot pink in certain lights. Such a beautiful and delicaate shade – I really look forward to wearing this.

    Vegas Bis has a texture similar to Zyg-Zak. It’s a ruddy base with with a super intense blue to magenta shift. Oh so pretty.

    Turbo Wata Cukrowa (Turbo Cotton Candy) has got a translucent green gray base with intense pink shifting reflects, in one light it is a mix of pink and gold and in another light is shifts solid pink. Worth noting is that there is another shade with the same name in the Glam Shadow formula but it is called only Wata Cukrowa without the “Turbo” in front. I did purchase the Turbo Glow version. This shadow did stain my arm after just wearing the swatch for a few minutes and the texture is very gritty and flaky.

    I have worn all of these once and I did not have any issue with them on the eye. I find them rather amazing actually. My preferred method of application is with a finger initially and then I used a brush to extend my application where needed. They are priced at 5,54 € and my initial thought is that they well worth it. But I do want to wear them more before giving my final thoughts.

    Multi-chrome pressed pigments


    MULTI MULTI is my first and only (as of today) multichrome eyeshadow and it shifts pink to gold to green on a dark base. I initially wanted to get a blue/green one but it was out of stock at the time so I settled for the next best thing. I had a feeling that this type of shadow is more fun swatched than on the eye so I did not want to buy more than one to try out. Looking at the website right now this shade is not longer available. They seem to have launched new shades and discontinued the old ones. The multichromes are priced at 10,86 € so they are a lot pricier than the rest of the shadows. I’ve worn it once and really liked the look. I do not know yet if the higher price tag is worth it but my initial response is positive.

    Holo pearls pressed pigments

    Efekt Holo

    I chose the slate green shade named Efekt Holo (Striking Holo) and I am glad I did. It suits the holo effect well and works well as a topper on most base shadows. Glam Shop have recently launched more holo shades but I am still most drawn to Efekt Holo. Holos are priced at 7,76 € individually and the four new shades are sold as a bundle as well. I’m content with this one shade and I really liked wearing it.

    Glam Shadows – pressed powder shadows

    Unikat – Kandyzowana

    If you search under Makeup/Pressed Powder Shadows you will find these so-called Glam Shadows under both “metallic and pearls” and “Ultra perls (sparkly)”, but not all Glam Shadows shades can be found under the latter but rather a selection. A bit confusing. These shadows are normally priced between 3,10 – 4,43 €.

    Unikat (Peculiar) has a translucent and almost yellow base that shifts from blue to pink.

    Kandyzowana (Candied) has an orange base with gold and orange reflects. The base is another stainer and I found quite a dark stain after only a minute on the arm when swatching. I did not notice the staining being a problem on the eye but I have only worn it once so far.

    Both colours are very pretty and out if the two Unikat is probably most alike things I already own. I have not compared it to my existing arsenal yet but I know I will wear them both a lot no matter what.

    To summarize this Glam Shop purchase – did I buy things I already own? Not really. But since starting my makeup audit project I’ve noticed that owning too much makeup is a trap and it only results in me not wearing what I own and love. The brand creates unique shades and the formula seems overall to be great. The prices are fairly low as well and I will have my eye on this brand for the future. I am very glad that I bought these shadows in the beginning of the year and they make a nice addition to my existing arsenal. Now it is up to me to wear them…

    Thanks for reading!

  • Makeup,  Skincare

    The Used Up 2021:1

    Time to go through all of the makeup and skincare items that were used up by me during the first half of 2021, January-June. A total of 22 items, whereas five of them are makeup items. I do not include body care, haircare or any SPF in this roundup post, since I do not care to have a follow up for those categories.

    Some notes about my skin – I have dehydrated combination skin. I am noticing my skin changing a lot because of ageing (I’m 39) so I am slowly adjusting my routine to its evolving needs. I still get the occasional breakout and can get quite shiny during the day. My skin rarely reacts badly to products and I have no allergies.


    I managed to use up a total of five cleansing products during this period and one is a mini. The Rose Cream Cleanser by Pixi (135 ml, 279 SEK) has been a steady part of mosts instalments of The Used Up and I used it as my only cleanser in the morning and as my second cleanser in the evening. I still think it is a lovely product – I love the texture, the scent and the effect. But I have noticed previously, as mentioned in earlier posts, that one tube does not last me as long as I want it to and I wish to find a replacement that lasts longer for the price.

    The Olive Cleansing cleanser by Maria Åkerberg is such a replacement purchase. I used up a mini, that I bought as part of a spa kit, and enjoyed the texture and the smell enough to buy the large bottle (250 ml, 229 SEK). However after a while I noticed that the smell started to bother me so I think I might refrain from buying it again. For now at least.

    The Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser by Elemis (200 ml, 365 SEK) was also purchased as an effort to replace the one from Pixi. The pump dispenser worked well and on a normal day I would use 2-3 pumps for my entire face. The rose smell was a bit too much for my taste but it is i no way off-putting. It is an ok product but I do not feel enticed enough to repurchase.

    Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil by Elemis (195 ml, 465 SEK) is a product that I used up back in 2019 and decided to try again. It is lovely and smooth oil that effectively removes makeup. I could use it on my eyes without any big problems. The big plus with this product is that it lasts for a long time, more than six months, which would warrant the price. I’ve not experimented with many cleansing oils previously, since I used to prefer balms, but I will try and see if I can find another oil that is a little less expensive or one from a brand that I have more feelings for, you know.

    Toner & mists

    One type of mist that I use quite seldom is a more hydrating and nourishing mist, like the Glow Mist (80 ml, 249 SEK) by Pixi. It contains oils and this I would use during the day when I want some hydration on top of makeup or in the evening as a last skincare step. I do not use this as a “glow getter” since I have combination skin and my natural glow, or shine if you will, will come naturally anyway. I use it more like a comforting and calming hug for the face when it feels in need. I have repurchased this specific product but in the Rose version.

    I continue to mist my face after cleansing before I apply serums etc, both in the morning and evening. I have enjoyed the Nordic Hydra Facial Mist (50 ml, 99 SEK) from Lumene just fine. It is hydrating, has a nice scent and the mister works well. This and the Vitamin-C version have been in my previous iterations of The Used Up numerous times. However I am a bit out of love with Lumene as a brand and will phase out all of my recurring favourites from them. When I finished this last bottle I switched back to the Hydrating Accelerator from Josh Rosebrook again. I found it in the larger bottle (120 ml) and I currently enjoy using it a lot more than I did the first time around.

    Essence & serums

    A recurring product is the Nordic-C Glow Boost Essence by Lumene (30 ml, 289 SEK). I go through these quite quickly and have another bottle in use right now. But after that I will break the habit and find other hydrators.

    The theme continues – two tubes of the Rose Caviar Essence by Pixi (45 ml, 399 SEK) emptied in six months yet again. I have continued to use this product twice daily to layer hydration but I’m not really comfortable with the fact that I go through four tubes in a year. That is a bit much since I combine it with the Lumene essence and those seem to go in a similar rate. That is a lot of money for my hydrating sandwich. I will probably buy the Caviar Essence again in the future but for now I’m going to try some other serums and see if I can get my hydration boost for a little less money.

    Niacimide 10% + Zinc 1% by the Ordinary (30 ml, 69 SEK) is what I use whenever my skin is prone to breakouts and I usually apply it over the affected area or the t-zone. I have another bottle in use right now. It feels like it calms everything down a bit.

    Moisturisers & oils

    This is my second jar of Hydration Recharge Overnight Cream (50 ml, 209 SEK) by Lumene from their Nordic Hydra series. I used it as a night cream on top of serums and/or oils. I’m not repurchasing because – Lumene.

    I purchased the 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil (30 ml, 134 SEK) by The Ordinary primarily to use when doing face massage on myself (I have a tendency to tense my jaw and a massage really helps). Then I also started to use it in the evenings whenever I felt like my skin needed a “blanket”. I rarely use oils but this one works very well with my combination skin. It smells a bit interesting, like hay or something, but I’ve grown so accustomed to the smell that now I find it comforting. It did start to go off when I was a the end of the bottle so the shelf-life of 12 months after opening is about right. I have repurchased this product and I find it to be very useful.


    The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque (125 ml, 330 SEK) was a spontaneous purchase when I still lived in Gothenburg and had a Kiehl’s counter readily available. On paper it looked like a great product for me since I really enjoy moisturising overnight masks and it was a huge jar for a reasonable price. I’ve had previous positive encounters with the Ultra Facial series as well. But this product is really not for me. It’s a clear jelly-like product that smells very little but still has a slight chemical scent that is hard to describe. It does not sink into the skin at all but rather leaves a thick sticky surface that gets everywhere including my pillow. I hate sleeping in it and that totally defeats the purpose. I’ve been doing masks really infrequently since I dislike this one so much and that is a shame. I’m so glad it is finally empty so that I could purchase a replacement for that category. I have done that and it’s by M Picaut.

    I used the Blue Herbal Spot Treatment (15 ml, 200 SEK) by Kiehl’s on any blemishes to stop them in their track. It worked just fine but when dried down it did leave a film on the skin. Even if that was just a small area it did have a tendency to pill whenever I touched the skin. This tiny tube lasted me a very long time since a little goes a long way and that is a pro for sure but I do not feel inclined to buy it again. I would prefer something that does not form such a prominent film. I’ve purchased a replacement from Pixi.

    I really hated the Lumene Deeply Purifying Birch Charcoal Mask (75 ml, 129 SEK) from day one. The consistency felt like applying liquid plastic on my face and the mask did nothing for my skin. The scent did nothing for me either, it was a pain to remove and every time I used it felt like a chore. But I did it, I finished the damned thing! And I will never ever consider buying this product again. I am yet to find/buy a replacement for its position.

    Base makeup

    My last pressed powder by Soap and Glory, One Heck of a Blot Mattifying Powder (9 g, £12), is now used up. I stocked up on this lovely product when I was in London many years ago and now I have used all of them up. I can highly recommend it if you like a translucent pressed setting powder and can get your hands on it.

    Following with two Lumene base items, one being the Under Eye Concealer (5 ml, 149 SEK). This exact packaging does not seem to be available anymore but they have a similar product in their line. It worked well for me but it is not available in any other shades. It’s an apricot corrector type shade but I have a hard time thinking this would work for everyone. I will not repurchase.

    The Blur Foundation (30 ml, 199 SEK) in “0 Light Ivory” has been repurchased over the years but Lumene has changed the shades, the formula and even the artwork for this product so many times over the past years that I have lost count. Every time I repurchase there seems to be a new version of the same product/shade. This version of Light Ivory was way too pink for me and I have another one in rotation and surprise surprise, it’s different. I currently have both “0” and “00” and this time around the formula seems to be thicker. The shade match is better now but neither of them are the perfect match. I am a bit over trusting Lumene with this foundation since it is so inconsistent in shade and formulation. I will use up the two tubes that I have and that’s it.

    Mascara & brows

    After trying to find an option for the Lash Power mascara by Clinique I found out that Surratt made tubing mascaras and wanted to try them out for myself. First i bought the Pointilliste Mascara (2 g, 300 SEK) by mistake, not realising it was such a small tube and therefore also a small amount. It is aimed to be used for the lower lashes and has a tiny brush, but I could use on the top lashes as well. But the price point is ridiculous for such a tiny amount of product. When the Relevée Mascara (6 g, 320 SEK) cam in stock I bought it and used them both simultaneously. Now that I have finished both I will only repurchase the Relevée but I will clean and save the brush for Pointilliste. As with most tubing mascaras the result is quite basic but I do find that Relevée is buildable if I wait a little bit before applying more. Not too long so that the mascara dries, but just going back and forth between both eyes a bit allows it to build somewhat. Not a fat lash by any means, but thicker and a bit more definition. I did suffer a tiny bit of fallout “smudge” on some days but nothing that bothers me at this point. I enjoy this product and as mentioned I have repurchased. The packaging is sleek and the brush is nice and slim, just how I like it. The big draw-back is the price tag. I am not too happy with 320 SEK for a consumable like this but it will do for now.

    That was it, six months of used up products. I’m currently very uninspired by skincare and there are few brands that pique my interest nowadays. I’m looking to try some more items from Josh Rosebrook, M Picaut and Pixi. I’m also looking at Swedish brand Acasia since I’ve not tried any of their products but heard good things about them. But what I really long for is to not have to experiment and try new skincare products a lot, but rather to find my core basics from brands that I like. And with a little luck those products will last me a long time so that I do not have to repurchase all the frakking time. Until then..

    Thanks for reading!

  • Makeup

    My Makeup Audit: July 2021

    July was the month when I had my summer vacation and spent my days doing a mix of things, trying to slow down my brain after yet another hectic Spring. We had no major plans beforehand and ended up with a nix mix of activities and relaxed days. It was nice with a change of pace. I also wore makeup a bit less often than usual, mostly in the evenings, and I was a bit crappy at taking decent pictures when I did wear something. Despite the less frequent use of makeup I did manage to wear all of the items in my monthly arsenal and ended up with a clear opinion on what I wanted to let go. Here is how the month went down..

    For July I had a total of 33 individual eye shadows to choose from including MAC, Emme Cosmetics, Inglot, Makeup Geek, Meow Cosmetics, Urban Decay, KvD, Illamasqua, Sleek Makeup and Sephora Collection. A smaller arsenal with an erratic colour scheme.

    Top Row L-R: Brulé – Cozy Grey – Friend Zone – 331 – 299

    Bottom Row L-R: Relish – Daemon – Walking Heartbeats

    Eight pressed mattes were all I could put in this months arsenal since I’m running low on mattes to audit (as mentioned in previous posts) and for me this lineup is not ideal. It’s not a great variety and the only up side to this is that it will force me to be even more creative and make do with what I have. In the palette we can find three MAC shadows, where two are depotted from two different fixed 15-pan palettes (Brulé, Cosy Grey) and one is still in its original pot. That is Walking Heartbeats – a shadow from the In Monochrome collection that was released in early 2019.

    We also have two Inglot shades (331, 299) of varying age. The green is most likely from my massive New York Inglot purchase in 2013 and the brown was bought online in 2016 when Inglot became available in Sweden. The Makeup Geek shadow (Friend Zone) is also a purchase from 2016. The darker red by Urban Decay (Relish) is from 2017. The newest shadow is by Illamasqua (Daemon) and that was a shadow I lusted over for a long time before finally buying it in 2018. So a lot of red and not that many neutrals to choose from. But the above were not the only mattes shadows this month, I did have some matte pigments too..

    Top Row L-R: Pure White – True Chartreuse – Sunfest

    Middle Row L-R: Magenta Madness – Neo-Orange – Zing

    Bottom Row L-R: Full Force Violet

    But matte pigments does not usually serve the same purpose as pressed matte shadows. I for one do not use them the same way. I would use them to mix with a medium to create a cream or liquid shadow or mix with a lip product to create an intenser and/or unique lip shade. An interesting thing this far into the audit is the fact that I have prioritised auditing my fixed palettes and singles over pigments. I’ve for sure sprinkled arsenals with my Meow shadows, that are loose shadows for sure but mainly shimmers, but I did forget my other pigments/loose shadows for a long time. I had them stashed in a separate drawer that I forgot about when putting my arsenals together. That is one reason why this arsenal is so matte pigment heavy, not because it is a great idea but because I had to since I wanted to finalize my audit of mattes. We have seven intense pigments this month, two from Sleek Makeup (Zing, Sunfest) and five from MAC (Pure White, True Chartreuse, Magenta Madness, Neo-Orange, Full Force Violet). The Sleek pigments are from 2013 and the MAC ones are most likely from around the same year.

    Top Row L-R: Sweet Heat – Era – Patina – Shale – Be a Superstar

    Bottom Row L-R: 17 – 418 – Sweet Lollipop – Stigmata – Up the Hill – Untamed

    Moving on to the pressed shimmers and metallics. The oldest stuff is by MAC (Era, Shale, Patina) and out of those Shale is the oldest I think. The other two are probably from 2012-2013 but I am quite sure that Shale is way older than that. We also have an In Extra Dimension shadow by MAC (Sweet Heat) in the original pot, since I never depot that formula, and it is likely from 2014. The Inglot ones (17, 418) are from 2013 and the one by Makeup Geek (Untamed) was a gift in 2016. The KvD shadow (Stigmata) is depotted from the Saint & Sinner palette from 2017. Then we have two Sephora Collection shadows (Be a Superstar, Sweet Lollipop) that are a bit newer, from 2018, and the Emme shadow (Up the Hill) is from around the same time.

    Top Row L-R: Peaceful Wings – Hot Wax – Bali Palace

    Bottom Row L-R: Extraterrestrial – Lascivious – Bast – Torch

    And finally we have seven shadows from Meow Cosmetics, all from around 2013. Some brights, some more neutral and two shades that can be used as inner corner highlights (Peaceful Wings, Hot Wax). Not that many lighter shades in this arsenal so it was welcome to have something in that capacity.

    That was all the shadows in my monthly arsenal for July. Let’s move on to swatches of each shade and a walkthrough of my opinions after a month of wearing them all.

    I must admit that it was a bit boring to only have these four more neutral matte shadows for an entire month. I’m used to have a lot more option and this was a stretch. But fortunately Brulé (MAC), Cozy Grey (MAC), Friend Zone (MUG) and 299 (Inglot) all worked beautifully and stood up to the task as core mattes. Cozy Grey was the one that got worn the most because it is a great crease and transition shade on me. I am gladly keeping all four of these. I must also add that since I did not have a dark brown or black matte, I did use my Eye Brow Cake in “Gaze” from Illamasqua to fill the purpose of liner and deepening shade when needed.

    Then we have the bright green, 331 (Inglot). Not the type of green I wear a lot but it worked very well so I am keeping it for now. The three reds were only used once each and both Relish (UD) and Daemon (Illamasqua) are still as wonderful to use as I remember them being. Walking Heartbeats (MAC) on the other hand is not. It was thin and patchy on the eye and I just could not care less about it. So that one can go, the other two reds can stay.

    Then we have the more intense matte pigments. Let’s start with the ones from MAC. Out of the really bright ones, I enjoyed wearing Neo-Orange and Magenta Madness but I must admit they were a bit of an effort to work with. However I feel that their neon quality makes them stand out a lot and I have few other shadows like them. The final verdict is that they are staying. Full Force Violet on the other hand was so patchy and messy that I had to wipe the look I did (or tried to do) off. Not keeping that one. True Chartreuse was lovely to use and Pure White was just fine. A white shade like this is hard to get a nice layer of but I see its potential as a mixer for other shades or as a mixer to create a liquid liner or another white effect. So it can stay for now.

    Out of the two Sleek pigments Sunfest did just not look good. The colour was fine but the formula made it hard to apply nicely. Zing on the other hand worked fine and the shade is more of a burnt bright and I really like that. So one can stay and one can go.

    The old MAC shades were ruled out from just one use. Era, Patina and Shale all used to be favourite shades and they are just not great anymore. Most likely due to age because they do not perform at all as I remember and the colour payoff was dismal. They will go into the bin. Sweet Heat (also MAC) is a great beige that is pale enough to be a very discreet eye look on me but dark enough to give some dimension to my lid. It still performs just fine formula-wise so I’m gladly keeping it.

    The two green shimmers by Inglot, 17 and 418, are so old that I really just should throw them away. But I won’t, because they are beautiful. 17 looks great layered on top of darker shades like 418 and I can just not let them go just yet. Be a Superstar and Sweet Lollipop (Sephora Collection) are also very shifty and great for layering on top of something darker. Sweet Lollipop is riddled with pink glitter and the above swatch picture does not do it justice. Be a Superstar is pink on a purple base with tiny silver glitter running through it. Both are so much nicer on the eye than they look in the pan.

    Finally we have the the Meow shades. I did not use a primer for the pictures above and the result is bland and flat swatches. These are stunning and complex shimmers in reality and I always wear them with a tacky primer underneath. Out of these seven I loved all of them except Peaceful Wings. It is a pretty cool white pearl but it is not special enough to keep. Hot Wax is a creamy yellow shimmer and it works very well like a neutral yet interesting inner corner highlight. Bali Palace is a pale yellow with a delicate pink shift, a very pretty shade. Torch is a great fruity orange and very flattering on me. Bast is this an almost plummy brown and I enjoyed wearing it more than I had expected. Lascivious is a gorgeous yellow green, with intense gold shimmer, and Extraterrestrial is a very intense bright blue. Both beautiful in their own way and effectual on the eye.

    And those were all of the shades in my July arsenal. Let’s have a look at some of the looks I wore during the month and the products I used to create them. It was an ok month makeup-wise but as mentioned I did go quite a lot of days without makeup.

    July 1

    Eyes: Sunfest – Bali Palace – Era – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Buff (blush, MAC) – Taupe (contour, MAC) – Play it Proper (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Velvet Fawn (Lisa Eldridge)

    July 4

    Eyes: 17 – Cozy Grey – 331 – Hot Wax – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Pink Cult (blush, MAC) – Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua) – Deity (highlight, Illamasqua)

    Lips: Nougatine (H&M Beauty)

    July 6

    Eyes: Neo-Orange – Cosy Grey – Gaze (Illamasqua) – The New Noir (cream shadow as base, H&M Beauty)

    Cheeks: Rapture (blush, Urban Decay)

    Lips: Muse gloss (Lisa Eldridge)

    July 10

    Eyes: Bali Palace – True Chartreuse – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Spring Flock (blush, MAC) – Taupe (contour, MAC) – Glow from the Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette (highlight, Charlotte Tilbury)

    Lips: Love of My Life (Lisa Eldridge) mixed with Mull It Over (MAC)

    July 16

    Eyes: Magenta Madness – Neo-Orange – Torch – Stigmata – Up The Hill – Sweet Lollipop – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Sculpt (blush/contour, MAC) – Lightscapades (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Painterly (Lisa Eldridge)

    July 24

    Eyes: Stigmata – Walking Heartbeats – Cosy Grey – Brulé – Sweet Lollipop – Peaceful Wings – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Sur (blush, MAC)

    Lips: Pink Opal (LH Cosmetics)

    July 27

    Eyes: Extraterrestrial – Cosy Grey – Brulé – Hi-Def Cyan (water line, MAC)

    Cheeks: Habana (blush, Nabla), Glow from the Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette (highlight, Charlotte Tilbury)

    Lips: Kitten Mischief (Lisa Eldridge)

    This month ended with the culling of seven shadows, a small but steady number. I look forward to getting through all of my matte shades, I only have one month left, and then I can start Round 2 for those. I’m looking forward to that a lot.

    Parallel to the eyeshadow audit I’m still focusing on wearing as many different cheek and lip product as possible during the course of a month, wearing an item once and putting it away to force me to choose something else the next time. An effective method right now. In July I wore 18 blushes, 5 contour shades, 6 highlighters, 18 lipsticks and 1 gloss. I’m definitely getting closer to making further decision on cheek products to let go of.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Makeup

    My Makeup Audit: June 2021

    For June I had a total of 37 individual eye shadows to choose from including MAC, Nabla, Lethal Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, Meow Cosmetics and Sephora Collection. I’m running low on mattes to audit and I’m starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel so to speak.

    Top Row L-R: Hajar Karim – Marsh – Well Behaved – Charcoal Brown – Fabulous Fit

    Middle Row L-R: Lime – Club – Red Brick – Brulé – All Woman

    Bottom Row L-R: Sour Lemon – Goldenrod – Gameela – Red Alert – Deep Cravings

    The big palette consisted of only MAC shadows of varying age. The newest is from 2015 (Well Behaved) and the rest are 2014 or older. 12 mattes or near mattes and three shimmers. A nice variety of colour and a small but ok variety of neutrals. I did not have a really dark matte, but the almost black shimmer Deep Cravings sufficed to do liner duty on most days. On some days I did use my Eye Brow Cake in “Gaze” from Illamasqua for that purpose as well.

    Top Row L-R: Euphoria – Equinox – Glitter Dress – Hey

    Middle Row L-R: Pixie Dust – Flame Thrower – Deception

    Bottom Row L-R: Grandstand – Casino

    The newest shades in this smaller palette are the two Lethal Cosmetics shades (Euphoria and Equinox) from 2019. The oldest are by Makeup Geek (Pixie Dust, Flame Thrower, Grandstand, Casino) from 2013-2016 and in between we have the two depotted ones from two different fixed MAC 15-pan palettes (Hey, Deception) that I got for my birthday one year and a single from the Sephora Collection (Glitter Dress) that I managed to date to 2018.

    Top Row L-R: Mystic – Selfish – Alchemy

    Bottom Row L-R: Danae – Nereide – Juno Moon

    I purchased many Nabla shadows back in the day and I think these are from around 2016-2017. As mentioned in previous posts I tend to reach more for my Nabla mattes rather than my shimmers and its been a while since I wore these.

    Clockwise from top left: Modern Pewter – Radiation – Cat Days of Summer – Silken Robes – Oddity – Cirque du Meow – Tattooed Lady

    I tried to look up how old this Extra Dimension shadow by MAC (Modern Pewter) is and my best bet is that it is from the 2012 collection Reel Sexy. The product has come loose from the pan but somehow I have still kept it since I remember loving it many years ago. It used to be one of my favourites. The rest are Meow Cosmetics shadows and they are from around 2013.

    Let’s move on to swatches of each shade and a summary of opinions after wearing them in some capacity over the course of a month.

    Starting with my MAC palette. Hajar Karim is just not my type of green. I wore it once and quickly decided it is not for me. A poor purchase to be honest, since I think I bought it due to the (then) unique shade and then never wore it. Lime is an interesting mid green that reminds me of avocado. It is quite powdery but nothing that stopped it from performing well on the eyes on the two occasions I wore it. Sour Lemon is interesting. The shadow leans a lot more yellow on me when applied than it looks in the pan. At first it bothered me but then I enjoyed the shade more and more. I will keep both Lime and Sour Lemon for now.

    I barely had time to use Goldenrod but I am quite confident that I want to keep it. It is a deep pollen shade and I know I wear a lot of yellow so i do not mind having a plethora of choice. Marsh was a great crease shade this month, when I got bored with my neutral options. I loved pairing it with a cooler lid shade. Club can also stay. I only wore it once but I do think it is a pretty shade and I need it to go through Round 2.

    Well Behaved and Red Brick both work very well. Gameela on the other hand was very poorly pigmented and that makes it less useful than a more pigmented counterpart. I know I have at least two dupes of mattes in this colour that have passed through the audit already so I can easily let this one go. Red Alert is a rusty red with a pinky sheen, a feature that surprised me. I only wore it once but liked enough to warrant keeping it.

    Brulé is another old trusty everyday shade. I wore it on eleven days this month as a last hurrah and now it is time to let it go. It’s old and I’m sure I have another matte pale shade like it that can fill its shoes just fine. Charcoal Brown was the only brown matte shade this month and it was used repeatedly. It is a cool brown with an almost green tinge. A versatile shade all in all. Deep Cravings was used very little but this black with a slight sheen was easy to blend and gave an easy soot when I used it. I wish I had used it more to see what it really can do but that will have to be a thing for the future. Finally we have two greys, All Woman and Fabulous Fit. Both suck. Bad payoff and non-flattering shades one me. So out of theses nine, four will go (Gameela, Brulé, All Woman and Fabulous Fit) and the rest can happily stay.

    Moving on to my other palette, the all shimmery one. I did not manage to wear all of these. Equinox (Lethal) and Pixie Dust (MUG) were never worn but I can safely say that they can stay for now. In fact I have decided to keep all of these. Euphoria (Lethal) along with Equinox are newer shades and I enjoy them both. Flame Thrower and Grandstand (MUG) are both in the lovely Foiled formula and they are still gorgeous. Hey (MAC) was my main inner corner highlight this month, due to a lack of options, and I must say I really love it as that. It adds a creamy brightness that looked lovely with almost every look. I’m glad I got to know it so well, a thing that would never have had happened outside of this audit.

    Then we have three shades that I am a bit torn about but have decided to keep anyway. Glitter Dress (Sephora) is a murky slightly green taupe. The shade is lovely but I generally dislike shadows with a lot of visible glitter particles in them. Glitter Dress is full of silver particles. But I did enjoy wearing it enough for it to stay. Deception (MAC) is a bit crumbly in the pan and it is also starting to form a hard-pan in the middle. But the shade is lovely, a light taupe and mauve mix with a golden sheen. Finally we have Casino (MUG), a shadow that looks really flat and boring in the pan but lovely on the eyes. It is a muted warm gold and I know I have many of those. But to be fair I loved wearing it so it should stay for Round 2 and face off with all my other gold shades.

    Then we have the smaller palette filled with only Nabla shadows. Out of these I’m keeping three and letting three go, something I could not have foretold going into this month’s audit. If I look at the swatches I love them all, but when worn the flaws in the formula shows itself. Mystic, Danae and Nereide simply does not look good on the eye. Mystic just turns into nothing on the eye which is sad because I love the colour in the arm swatch. Danae and Nereide are both gritty in texture with large glitter particles throughout. Hard to work with and I just do not enjoy how they look on the eye.

    The sole shade that was gritty but made it work was Selfish. When blended the initial grit dissipates and it turns smooth. A mix of hot pink and silver glitter on a somewhat translucent green base makes this one unique shadow. Then we have Alchemy, a rosy base with a strong blue shift. I love this type of shade a lot and it works well on the eye. Finally we have Juno Moon, a dark and almost blackened plum. I loved wearing this a lot more than anticipated, so it was a pleasant positive surprise.

    Moving on to the single pots and jars. Modern Pewter (MAC) is a very old light olive shade that I used to love. Wearing it now just make it very clear that its time in my life has passed. It is nothing special anymore and I have no feelings left for the shade. It feels great to let this one go since it sums up the purpose with this audit so well. I needed to do this in order to be able to let the hard ones go.

    Another old love that will have the same fate is Radiation (Alien Abduction collection by Meow). I remember this shade as a radiant spooky light yellow green with a visible sickly green shift. Something must have happened with the pigment, because now it just looks like a flat pale yellow. I’m a bit sad to be honest and I wore it on several days just to make sure I felt what I felt. But I need to let it go, since I do not enjoy wearing it anymore.

    Shades that were sub-par on the eye besides Radiation was Oddity and Tattooed (Carnival collection by Meow), neither just not adding anything extra when worn. The rest of the Meow shades, Cat Days of Summer (Joys of Summer collection), Cirque de Meow (Carnival collection) and Silken Robes (Times Square collection) were all beautiful on the eye and I will keep those three.

    Looking back at pictures from June I feel like I had some good makeup days and a lot of in-betweens. Many shadows turned to be meh on the eyes and I was unhappy with how quite a few looks turned out. My happy focus during the month has been to keep exploring my lipsticks and that made the process more fun than if I only had eyes to evaluate. Below are a few of the looks I enjoyed wearing in June.

    June 19

    Eyes: Alchemy – Well Behaved – Juno Moon – Brulé – Gaze

    Cheeks: Habana (Sleek Makeup), OMG (highlight, Illamasqua), Next To Skin (contour, MAC)

    Lips: Spirited Away (Lisa Eldridge)

    June 20

    Eyes: Nereide – Marsh – Hey

    Cheeks: Mocha (blush, MAC), Play It Proper (highlight, MAC), Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua)

    Lips: Rose Official (Lisa Eldridge)

    June 23

    Eyes: Juno Moon – Charcoal Brow – Brulé – Hey

    Cheeks: Oh My! (MAC)

    Lips: Striking (Revlon)

    June 26

    Eyes: Cat Days of Summer – Radiation – Caffeine primer (UD)

    Cheeks: Flushed (blush, Sleek Makeup), Radiation (highlight, Meow)

    Lips: Sultry (Revlon)

    June 27

    Eyes: Club – Goldenrod – Deep Cravings – Charcoal Brown – Brulé

    Cheeks: At Dusk (blush, MAC), OMG (highlight, Illamasqua), Gotham (contour, Nabla)

    Lips: Velvet Blush (Lisa Eldridge)

    A total of twelve shadows are out after June’s audit. A very good number and larger than anticipated. Letting go of those Nabla shadows was a bit of a surprise and I am happy that I managed to let go of some old favourites (Modern Pewter and Radiation) despite sentimental feelings towards them.

    Besides the eye shadow audit I managed to wear 17 blushes, 4 contour shades, 8 highlighters, 19 lipsticks and 2 glosses. That is fewer products than last month and one reason for that is I had more bare faced days combined with accidental repeat wear of some of my blushes and intentional repeat wear of my new Lisa Eldridge lipsticks.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Makeup

    My Makeup Audit: May 2021

    A total of 35 shadows, all singles, made May’s monthly arsenal on the smaller side. Brands included were MAC, Meow Cosmetics, Urban Decay, H&M Beauty, Inglot, Makeup Geek, Nabla, Neve, Emme Cosmetics, and KvD. A bonus with this smaller arsenal was that i completed the audit fairly early in the month and it left me some space to wear some of my newly aquired shadows.

    Top Row L-R: 288 – 363 – Saddle – Wedge – Petalescent – Free To Be

    Second Row L-R: Epic – Exodus – Revelation -Orange- Passionate

    Third Row L-R: Take Two – Aztec Gold – Rosary

    Bottom Row L-R: Muffin – Cosmopolitan – 28 – Clementine

    I filled an empty palette with singles and this is where all the mattes or near-mattes were kept. Most of the core mattes were older MAC shadows (Saddle, Wedge, Petalescent, Free to Be, Passionate, Orange) but I also had some by Inglot (288, 363) and some near-mattes by Neve (Muffin) and KvD (Revelation, Exodus) to make it an acceptable matte lineup. I did not have a dark shade to use as eyeliner so I used my Eye Brow Cake in “Gaze” from Illamasqua for that purpose. It is a nice firm cool dark brown.

    For shimmers we have Makeup Geek (Epic, Take Two, Cosmopolitan), depotted KvD (Rosary), Nabla (Clementine), Emme (Aztec Gold) and a lone highlighter shade from Inglot (28). I cannot be bothered to speculate as to how old these items are but I know that Petalescent is ancient.

    Clockwise from the bottom: Divine Blue – Lorelei – Smoky Mauve – A Natural Flirt – Round Midnight

    Then we have five of the In Extra Dimension shadows by MAC. I used to love the formula and the light A Natural Flirt was my daily eye for a long time (when I apparently loved a less elaborate look). The large one, Smoky Mauve, is the oldest since they later stopped making that size and reverted to the smaller pan. Lorelei is from the 2015 collection Alluring Aquatic and the others are 2012 or older. I rarely reach for these but I have very warm feeling towards them and know I need this audit to be able to let any of them go.

    Clockwise from the bottom: Holly Folly – Solstice – Diamond Dust – Deeply Mauved – In the Red

    This lot are “newer”, maybe 2016-2018. I know that Holly Folly was part of the In Monochrome collection by MAC that was released in early 2019. I have a few shadows and blushes from that collection and these are the few MAC shadows that have not been depotted (yet). Solstice by Urban Decay is a favourite but it get lost in the masses. The three H&M shadows are random purchases that do not get the love they deserve since they are in compacts. The baked shadow, Deeply Mauved, cannot be depotted but the others two could. I would get more use out of them if they were part of my single pans.

    Clockwise from the bottom: Xenophobe – Sorrow – Tome Foretold – Skee-Ball – Claddagh – Kiss Me I’m… – Rules

    Seven loose shadows by Meow Cosmetics finalised the arsenal. As with most of my Meow shades, these are from around 2013.

    Let’s move on to swatches and my opinions on each shade after a month of wearing them.

    Let’s start off with the mattes from the large palette. Two green shades, 288 (Inglot) and Exodus (KvD), were interesting players that added a bit of much needed colour and brightness too many looks. Both perform very well and 288 is unlike any other green I have. It is such a luscious colour. Both are staying.

    Orange and Passionate (both by MAC) added some more bright colour and I got along very well with these for a popping crease. I think I have quite a few bright matte pinks and possibly oranges as well but both of these can stay based solely on performance. For a more subdued pop of pink we have Free to Be and Petalescent (also both by MAC). I love a pink matte for a an all pink crease or as a pink diffuser of another crease shade. However great I think Petalescent is, it is time to let it go. It still performs nicely but it is so very old. The shadow has been used so much over the years and this month I noticed that it is starting to smell slightly off. A pale pink like this is a lovely thing to have but I have a similar Inglot shade that I can use in its stead. Free to Be is in better shape and can happily stay.

    Then we have the more earthy mattes. 363 (Inglot) worked very well as a more cool toned crease and I think it did a great job. It can stay for now. Saddle (MAC) is the more warm counterpart and it performs nicely as well. I even used it on the lips one day, mixed with a creamy lipstick to create a nice fudge shade. I will keep this one too. Wedge (MAC) is one of my most used matte shades. It is the perfect transition crease shade for me and it has been worn oh so much over the years. This shadow has perfect pigmentation, not too much, for this type of shade and it blends effortlessly and is easy to build if needed. My instinct is to keep it, but after this month I think it has served its purpose in my life. The shadow forms hard-pan over and over again when using it and I know I have many other matte neutral shades that can take its place. And finally we have Revelation (KvD), a shade that did not live up to its name. The shadow has small glitter particles running through it and it did not look good on the eyes. The shadow was not very pigmented and it was hard to blend, so it is an easy pass for me.

    On to the more shimmery shadows in the palette. Starting with Epic (MUG), a rather unique shade that performed beautifully. I cannot believe I have not used this one more over the years, a real shame. Epic is in the Foiled formula, the same as Take Two (MUG) which is a little more subdued shade of green. But this shadow still performs great and this olive shimmer is a shade of green I find very wearable.

    Aztec Gold (Emme) is a pretty intense molten gold that looks very vibrant on top of a creamy base. A real stunner that I am keeping should wear a lot more often. 28 (Inglot) is definitely on the older side but the blue shift is so stunning. I ended up wearing this shade as an inner corner highlight over and over again this month. It can stay for now, I want to see if I have anything else that fills a similar purpose.

    Rosary (KvD) is a darker raspberry pink and this was a great surprise for me, it looked so good on the eye. I had anticipated this to be a dud, but it ended up a solid keeper. Clementine (Nabla) was used quite a bit, both as a lid shade and an inner corner. I do really enjoy the shade but I was unsure for a while if it was special enough to keep. It has a certain brightness that i enjoy and the final verdict is that it can stay for now.

    Cosmopolitan (MUG) is one of those not so unique rosy gold shades that I feel like I have a plethora of from different brands. I do not know if that feeling is correct anymore, because of the audit, but I have decided to keep it until round 2 at least. The shadow performs beautifully still and I enjoy to wear a shade like this. And then we have the dud of the lot. Muffin (Neve) is a very useful shade in theory but it was difficult to work with somehow (I tried my best on four occasions) so it can safely go.

    Moving on to the Extra Dimension shadows by MAC. Smoky Mauve is a rosy mauve with a silvery sheen. I really liked wearing it and I do not have many shades like this. It is such an old shadow but it smells fine and performs nicely so I’m going to hang on to it.

    A Natural Flirt was as mentioned a firm favourite back in the day and I even had a back up of it at one time, since I had used so much up and it used to be limited edition. I gave the back up to my sister eventually when the shade became permanent. Having a back up of this shade was a somewhat logical thing then since I used to wear this type of shade all over the lid on the daily. During May I wore it mainly as an inner corner highlight (it’s just ok as that) and then extended its use to cheek highlighter as well. On the cheeks it looks great, but I have no need to keep this as a cheek product. It had its last hurrah this month and it has served me well all in all, but it can go.

    Round Midnight and Devine Blue on the other hand had not aged as well as the other Extra Dimension shades. They performed very poorly with almost no pigmentation or impact on the eye. Lorelei however is a stunning neutral shadow and came through as a winner. A quite basic beige shimmer that is just dark enough to add a slight dimension to my lid. I enjoyed wearing this more than anticipated.

    Diamond Dust (H&M) is a tricky shade. The formula is gritty and I found it not very suitable as an inner corner highlight. It is more of a lid topper and preferably on top of a darker shade or a really creamy base. I am not sure how useful it is but it is a very special shade and I am not ready to let it go just now. It will have to be depotted if it shall stay in my arsenal after round 2, I really want to minimize single pots like this.

    I was quite surprised that I did not enjoy Deeply Mauved (H&M). It is a lovely taupe, and I love a good taupe, but it does not show up on the eye. When swatched on the hand it looks creamy and pigmented but that does not translate to the eye application sadly. So it must go.

    In the Red (H&M) is a bright warm red “almost matte”. It has very fine golden sheen that runs trough it but it is not visible on the lid. It blended well I since I love a red shadow, it can definitely stay and will be depotted.

    Holly Folly (MAC) is a very gritty metallic shadow, in the Frost formula which is a famously difficult formula to use. It’s a fiery warm red metallic, very intense in pigmentation, and it performed nicely over a creamy base. There is some fallout to be expected when applying this shadow, but it’s fairly easy to eliminate. This one will be depotted as well.

    Oh Solstice (UD), you are so pretty! This Moondust shadow is just too pretty not to keep. The rosy base colour is quite transparent so I prefer to tap this on top of a medium to darker creamy base for full effect. I only wore it once but as I am very fond of I know I still want it in my life.

    Then finally we have the loose shadows by Meow Cosmetics. Skee-Ball (Joys of Summer collection) is a stunning cool green that shifts in a light gold. Very pretty on the eye. Claddagh (St Patty’s Day collection) is a nice punchy chartreuse shimmer. I really liked wearing both colours and they can stay for now.

    Kiss Me I’m… (St Patty’s Day collection) is a stunning swampy green matte. However stunning the colour is I know I would much rather use this if it was a pressed shadow. Matte loose shadows can work for me, but I do not enjoy using such a bright colourful shade in a loose format. So I will get rid of this.

    Rules (Fifty Shades of Meow collection) is a dirty gold and I enjoy it. Maybe not the most unique shade but it can stay for round 2. Xenophobe (Alien Abduction collection) on the other hand is unique, it has a clear base with silver and pink reflects. I wore this as an inner corner shade a lot and I’m gladly keeping it.

    Sorrow (Pandora’s Box collection) is dark teal that looks amazing on the eye. It has a grey base with a very strong teal shift and it’s very reflective. Stunning colour that is another keeper for sure. Time Foretold (Midnight Clear collection) is a very light blue with a shimmer shift that goes from gold to pink. A very delicate shade and I was surprised that I liked it on the eyes as much as I did. It suited my colouring and it was easy to use. Another keeper.

    And that was all of the shades in my May audit. Let’s round this month off with some of the looks I wore and the products used to create them. It was a fun month makeup-wise and looking back at my looks I’m very pleased with the variety I created on my face.

    May 1

    Eyes: 288 – Exodus – Revelation – 28 – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Flushed (blush, Sleek Makeup), Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua), Perfect Topping (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Cream lip stain in “27” (Sephora) and Burgundy lip liner (MAC)

    May 5

    Eyes: Smoky Mauve – Wedge – Muffin – A Natural Flirt

    Cheeks: Mocha (blush, MAC), Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua), A Natural Flirt (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Devoted to Chili (MAC)

    May 8

    Eyes: Aztec Gold – Take Two – Petalescent – Orange – Xenophobe – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Pink Cult (blush, MAC), Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua), OMG (highlight, Illamasqua)

    Lips: Nougatine (H&M)

    May 9

    Eyes: Rosary – Exodus – Clementine – Passionate – Gaze (Illamasqua), Fireball (liquid liner, UD)

    Cheeks: Bon Fire (blush, Sleek Makeup), Lightscapades (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Velvet Decade and Muse lip liner (both by Lisa Eldridge)

    May 11

    Eyes: Time Foretold – 363 – 28

    Cheeks: Rapture (blush, Urban Decay)

    Lips: Muse gloss (Lisa Eldridge)

    May 12

    Eyes: Clementine – Free to Be – Orange – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Furnace (blush, Sleek Makeup), Taupe (contour, MAC), Here Comes Joy (highlight, MAC)

    Lips: Saddle (shadow, MAC) tapped over and Dolce Vita (Nars)

    May 15

    Eyes: Epic – Wedge – 28 – Diamond Dust – Gaze (Illamasqua)

    Cheeks: Sur (blush, MAC), Silhouette (contour, Illamasqua), OMG (highlight, Illamasqua)

    Lips: Velvet Muse (Lisa Eldridge)

    May 18

    Eyes: Claddagh – Exodus – A Natural Flirt

    Cheeks: Stereo Rose (blush, MAC), Sculpt (contour, MAC)

    Lips: Cream lip stain in “17” (Sephora)

    To summarize a total of nine shadows are out after this month’s audit. Nothing revolutionary. I somehow wish I could find more duds, but I think the more major culling will come in Round 2. I already know some shadows I have kept earlier that I doubt I will keep with the mindset I have now this far in into the audit.

    And as with the previous months I’m still focusing on wearing as many different cheek and lip product as possible, besides the eye shadow audit. In May I managed to wear 25 blushes, 5 contour shades, 9 highlighters, 28 lipsticks, 2 glosses and 3 lip pencils. I think it is some kind of record. I know I have bits that I can let go of in those categories in the near future. The feeling of truly using all the items I own over and over again is very satisfying. Keeping track of what I wear is very helpful and recently I have started to put a way lipsticks and blushes worn to make it even easier to choose something new and not repeat wear the “easy shades”.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Makeup

    Terra Moons purchase part one – swatches

    Since I live in Sweden, buying from indie brands from for example the States can become an expensive venture due to customs/import taxes. So I rarely do it. Terra Moons is one of those brands that had piqued my interest for a while and I had curated a wish list of shadows for over a year. Not that I actually thought I would buy some, but I enjoyed making the list and checking from time to time if my interest had faltered. And it never did. So when my birthday/Christmas came around I did wish for them and my husband obliged. We completed the order together when there was an offer and, since the items were pre-order as well, I had to wait a few months to get them. In this case I did pay for tracked shipping since I wanted some sort of control over my parcel. When my package arrived to Sweden I did have to pay an import fee but they soon arrived safe and sound at my house in the end of February. I have nothing negative to say about my shopping experience or the shipping.

    I ended up choosing twelve single pans and one loose shadow. My order consisted of eight iridescent chameleons, one cosmic chameleon, three pressed and one loose duochrome.

    Iridescent Chameleons

    The iridescent chameleons are sold for 17 USD. Shifting shades like this is one of my favourite type of shadow to wear. I mainly use them as inner corner highlights, and when they have a transparent base I love to layer them on top of other shadows, mattes or metallics, to transform the base shade. The iridescent chameleons were the main pull to purchase from Terra Moons in the first place and I think I have nothing like these in my arsenal already. They might be similar to some shades I own but these are definitely amped up versions and they are very unique.

    Top Row L-R: Timeshift, Eon, Light Year, Space Baby

    Bottom Row L-R: Zero Gravity, Red Giant, Solar Flare, Astral

    Timeshift is quite opaque, not as much as Light Year, but more than the others. It has a light mauve base and it shifts from peachy gold to gold to green/teal. The greener shift is not visible in these pictures sadly. The texture of the shadow is very smooth.

    Eon has a transparent base that shifts from a peach to gold to green. The shift is similar to Timeshift’s but since the base and opacity is different they are distinctly different shades.

    Light Year is a very special shade and the pictures speak for themselves. It is super smooth and the result is very opaque. It will be interesting to see how I will use this shadow, if it can be layered on top of other shadows without taking over or if it does not play well with others. It looks amazing swatched but in reality it has to look amazing on the eye. That is the place where eye shadows go.

    Space Baby goes from green/teal to purple to blue. It is smooth in texture and the base is nearly transparent.

    Zero Gravity is a little chunkier with a whiter base that reminds me of X-ray (mentioned further down in this post). It shifts from purple to pink.

    Red Giant is super smooth with a blue grey base and a pink to peach/orange shift. A truly unique shadow. I’ve seen others wear this in the inner corner but I’m a bit hesitant on how the base colour will look there on me. If it will look like a shadow in certain lights it will defeat the purpose of using it to highlight that area. We shall see.

    Solar Flare has a very slight gray base and it shifts from peach to gold to green. Smooth in texture.

    Astral has got a similar vibe as Red Giant and a similar blue grey base, but it is not as prominent. The shift is peach/orange to gold to green. This one is also super smooth in texture.

    Cosmic Chameleons

    I purchased only one of the Cosmic Chameleons – Radiation. However, this is not my favourite type of green but the shift and (to be honest) the name made me keen to try it anyway. It did stain my arm when swatching but hopefully it will not be an issue on the eye.


    L-R: Martian, Interstellar, X-Ray

    Martian has a ruddy base and shifts from molten gold to green (the green shift can not be seen in the above picture, you just have to take my word for it).

    Interstellar has a dark pink brown base and shifts from blue to pink.

    X-Ray has a white, almost transparent (on me), base and a more chunky texture. The shimmer particles are more visible and it shifts from blue to pink. In the picture you can se a green base colour but that is just a stain from a previous swatch.

    I also managed to purchase a loose shadow and this one is no longer available on the Terra Moons website so I suppose it is discontinued. The stunning Firefly is definitely a shadow (and name) I am deeply attracted to. Above you can se it swatched without (left) and with primer (right). I almost always wear an eye primer or another creamy base under eye shadows anyway but under a loose shadow it really transforms the shadow to its full potential. So beautiful!

    I’ve had these for a couple of months now and I’ve worn some of them a few times in-between my commitment to my monthly arsenal. I will wear these for a while longer, long enough to form a proper opinion, and report back on how I get along with them and if I consider them a good purchase.

    Thanks for reading!